Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art On The Cheap – Part 2

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One tip I’ve learned while browsing countless magazines and blogs lately is that anything can be wall art. You can frame tons of things like leftover wallpaper, fun fabrics, fancy graphic scrapbook paper….ANYTHING!

While at the post office a LONG while back, I spotted this colorful stamp set that featured one stamp for each state in the grand ol’ U.S. of A. Each stamp is truly unique and shows off the personality of each state. I held on to this funky set hoping to find a way to use it one day. It even moved across the country with me! Finally, I framed it out and used it in our guest bedroom. Kind of goes with the theme of guests traveling from other states maybe? Either way, I just love the pops of color and who knows, maybe it will be a collectors item some day.


Then, after making art for both of my sons, I was on a roll and moved on to the living room, once again using my friend PowerPoint. I’ve been looking high and low for botanicals for a large wall in our living room and couldn’t find anything that met my needs: 1) reasonable price and 2) in a size I could cheaply frame. So I decided to tinker around one day and came up with this.

IMG_4053 IMG_4052

I printed these at home so they were basically free and I scored the frames at Walmart for $3 each!!! Part of me thinks that I either need to 1) make the prints larger which would require a trip to Walgreens and new frames or 2) make 4 more prints for a set of 8. Hmmmmmm??? Any thoughts? Please note that the only other female in my house is of the canine persuasion so I would LOVE some feedback.

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  1. Hi, Sabrina, welcome to blogging! And thanks for the note, I'm so glad you could use the Blog Tips I shared & appreciate you stopping by to tell me. You will enjoy blogging so much, it is a fun world out there.

    And I hope you'll add my blog to your growing list of DIY blogs too! Please come back often.

  2. I think another four would be nice! Either that, or you could get frames with mats in them. I LOVE mats.


  3. Thanks for the comments girls!

    Rhoda - I LOVE your blog and have found many great tips there. Following you daily now! :)

    Kristen - I love mats too...I'd have to get bigger frames but that might just give me the bigger impact I need instead of more prints. And as you know...I am so enjoying your frugal posts and recipes. Bake On!

  4. add 4 more or bigger frames - I think you could go either way. If it were me I would add 4 more instead of redoing what you have already done.

  5. That's a really cool stamp set- I love the colors!

  6. I was going to suggest the same as another blogger and keep the four but get bigger frames with mats. Looks great though.


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