Monday, October 19, 2009

Before and After – Bedroom Dressers

Pin It When I moved out of state after graduating from college, my mom was nice enough to buy me some “getting started” furniture. That was 10 years ago and that furniture has followed me from Illinois, to Miami, then to Louisiana and back to Illinois! My husband and I are still currently using the bedroom set and I finally couldn’t live another day with the knotty pine look. After doing a little research on how much a quality new set would cost, I googled “painting furniture”. (This was the google search that started my DIY blog obsession. I was hooked….and inspired!)
So here’s a not so great shot of one of the dressers before. Pretty standard pine stuff. It has served us well and I just wanted to change up the color and hardware.DSCF3097There were matching wooden knobs before too.DSCF3093
My first thought was to paint them white or cream, but the look my husband gave me said it all. Too girly for him. We settled on dark brown. Now please don’t gasp here……I used spray paint for the entire project! (Rustoleum, Satin Espresso) I know, I know. I should have used one of the countless methods that I found all over bloggy world. Truth be told, I was impatient and this was my first BIG project so I just went with it.
Our bedroom is really REALLY large and the darker furniture made it feel a lot more cozy. It was also an instant update getting rid of the knotty texture. The knobs were a steal at Target and also refreshed the look of the pieces.
Regrets? A few. First of all, beware the term “satin”. The can says “satin”, but it is a little more shiny than I wanted. The only time the shine really bugs me is when its totally sunny during the day and I’m not in there much at that time anyway. The shine lets you see the unevenness in certain spots from the spray paint.
That leads to my other regret. Uneven finish. In the future, when painting larger pieces, I plan on trying this technique that I came across after I painted my own dressers over at The Frugal Girl. I just love the way her furniture turned out. Time consuming, but possibly worth it.
For smaller pieces, I have used Kimba’s technique and it works perfectly. I spray painted a full length framed mirror on a wooden stand with flat black and LOVED the results.
For the little amount of time I spent on this project (and money for that matter), I am pretty pleased overall. The color really warms the space and makes us feel like we got something brand new. I actually updated our entire bedroom and I’m excited to post more on that soon!
I am linking this post to the Kimba' DIY Party. Please visit her site and enjoy all the fun projects this week!

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Oh and one last link.......Check out all the gorgeous furniture transformations at Mustard Seed Creations.
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  1. Wow...those are such great examples of how the right hardware and paint color can make a piece look rich and expensive. Well done! You should post it to my Furniture Feature Friday link party this week! (Shameful plug, I know...)

  2. I'm impressed! I'm trying to paint a computer desk right now and it's not an easy task to get it to look good. You did a great job!

  3. What an excellent job! I love it. You're probably so excited. :)

    Happy Met Monday!

  4. You did a great job and the piece looks very sophisticated now. Very clever!
    Best wishes, NM.

  5. It looks great! I love the darker color and the knobs, awesome job.

  6. Wow! I never thought dark brown would look that good! But it's great!

  7. Thanks for participating in the party. Those are sleek pieces of furniture. I bet you're really happy with them.

  8. wow, they turned out awesome!

  9. That looks fantastic! So updated! The knobs are a great finishing touch, too.

  10. Thank you all for such great feedback! I just love how a little hard work made the room feel SO different and new. How's that for recession spending? ;)

  11. I wonder if a coat of wipe-on poly would even out the shiny spots.

  12. Hey Megan! You know I actually two coats of poly on the top of each dresser and it does look better. By the time I got them back in our bedroom and filled with clothes I realized I should have poly'd them entirely. I just wanted them to have extra protection from wear on top. My mistake. :( New project?

  13. oak wardrobe

    So beautiful dresser.It looks great! I love the darker color and the knobs, awesome job.


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