Friday, October 2, 2009

Earth Boxing – Container Garden Part 2

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What We Planted and Why

I knew I wanted to plant two different varieties of tomatoes so that we would have two different harvest times.  It also allowed us to try different tasting tomatoes too. 

After a few stops at local stores, I decided to plant a heirloom variety, German Queen (GQ), on the left side and a hybrid variety, Bush Early Girl (EG), on the right. 

The GQ is an indeterminate type of tomato, meaning that it will produce fruit continuously until it frosts.  These types of tomatoes grow in a vine part and love to sprawl, sometimes up to 10 feet!  That scared me, but what the hey. 

The EG is a determinate plant which…you guessed….means they stop growing at a determined time.  When that time comes fruit production stops, they ripen over a 2 week period and then die.  Determinate plants are more compact and bushy. 

Here’s a closer look at our freshly planted tomato plants.

  Week 1(3)Week 1 (2)

At this point, I said a little selfish prayer that all would go well for our new little plant babies and promised to love and nurture them forever…..well at least until the fall anyway. 

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