Friday, October 23, 2009

The Not-So-Grand Before Tour

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Home Sweet Home! We bought our first and current house, a colonial-ish style two-story, in 2006. The house was in great shape when we moved in….minus the fact that it looked like Easter threw up all over the interior. By that I mean the house was basically used as a canvas for every oh-so-spring/Easter kind of color you can imagine. Those lovely pastel shades were painted on using the “latest” in faux painting techniques. Now I’m not a faux painting hater, but sometimes I think once one learns these fun techniques, one can go WAY overboard using them. Unfortunately, I don’t have too many pictures to use as evidence. We decided to paint most of the main floor before we moved in, but here goes nothing.

“Grand” Before Tour

This is our formal living room painted a lovely shade of mauve using the ragging technique.



BLEH! Two walls were ragged and the other two were a light pink that ran all the way through our entry way, up the two story stairwell and down the upstairs hall.

Then there was the spare bedroom. This was a little girls room in its former life. However, without the little girl and little girl things….it just looks like the circus came to town…oops…my house!

DSC01380 DSC01378 DSC01379

I can’t tell you how much fun I had sanding off those stripes. It pains me to say this, because I love seeing all the cool things you all do with stripe painting, but I vow to NEVER paint stripes on a wall…EVER! Even after some tedious sanding, multiple coats of primer and a nice buttery yellow shade to finish, you can still see remnants of the rooms stripy past!

Our family room was a baby blue, but in the below photos it looks like one of those cool slate/grayish blues that are so popular now. Trust me….it was NOT a good look.

DSC01363 DSC01362

The big mistake I made here was not turning around and taking a shot of the kitchen.…which at the time was painted a few shades lighter than the above “circus” bedroom PURPLE! No joke. That combined with the baby blue was probably why this house sat on the market for a year.

Also on this floor, was a really scary powder room. Once again, no photos of this disaster area. In short, baby chick yellow with light green, purple and baby blue feather dusted on top. This tiny space is what initially gave me the idea for the phrase Easter puked.

Last but not at all least, the rooms that were spared the Easter egg technique were painted the darkest colors possible.

My oldest son’s room was midnight blue. Again, I didn’t get a great before picture here because we were trying to paint in a hurry prior to moving in. I think you can still get the idea though. Loads of primer to brighten up this cave.


Our Master bedroom is very large and has a asymmetrical vaulted ceiling. The previous owner “subtly” highlighted this feature by painted the biggest wall dark maroon. And if that wasn’t enough, they added texturing with plaster and painted highlights of silver on the texture!!

DSC01372 DSC01374

Did I mention that they carried this treatment onto two walls in the Master bathroom? The “focal” wall in the bedroom just screamed, “Hello and welcome to our lovely barn!”. Wait until I write about how long we lived with this color in the bedroom. Ugh.

So there she is in all of her Before Tour glory. I guess you could say we were sold on her bones and not her sense of style. I looked past the Easter puke and saw the hardwood floors, the square footage, the finished basement, the great deck and huge Master closet. It’s been three years of painting and we’ve finally at least re-colored every room in the house. Moment of silence for all the paintbrushes that lost their lives in this home improvement effort. I plan on revealing each room in its current state in the near future so stay tuned!

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  1. The things people do to walls. Sigh.

    Our foyer was covered with 17 torn patches of brick wallpaper, which were spackled thickly around the edges, and then painted. It was SO hard to get off, and it looked just terrible.

    I now have nice flat off white walls in my foyer, and it looks so much better.

    Can't wait to see your after pictures!

  2. Love that you took befores! We moved in 2006 and I didn't take before pictures. I'm so mad at myself!


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