Thursday, October 15, 2009

The “Rocks” In Our Yard

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IMG_4271 Halloween decorating is in full swing out here in the burbs.  Some people have really gone wild with it this year and its starting took look like an orange and black version of Christmas.  I do more of a fall decorating scheme this time of year just to make it last through Thanksgiving.  Anything to save a little time, right?

Of course, I also add little spooky touches here and there that can easily be removed come November.  The kids and their friends seem to really notice these changes in decor happening all around them.  My oldest son is in first grade and is finally really getting into Halloween this year.  The little one is two and completely freaked out by all of it. 

My oldest was yappin’ away about various topics after school the other day, as usual, and kept bringing up the “rocks” in our front yard. 

“Honey, what rocks?  We don’t have any rocks in the front yard.” (My first thought was that they did something wrong)
”You know mommy, the scary rocks. One of the teachers at school has them too.  Sooooo Spoooooky!”

I was totally confused at this point and then it dawned on me…TOMBSTONES!  Precious….just precious.  Even funnier (creepier) was a few days later when we drove past a cemetery and he says, “Hey! LOOK at all of scary rocks at that place!  They’re getting ready for Halloween too.”  IMG_4274

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