Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Our Container Garden…

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I know its a little late in the season to post about summer vegetable gardening, but unfortunately I started this blog a little too late in the season and this is something I’m truly in love with these days.  image Growing up in a small community had several advantages that I didn’t even realize until I became a wife, mom and now live in a more urban area.  My parents had a HUGE garden and so did most of our neighbors and friends. Everyone exchanged produce and the delicious canned goods created from those wonderfully fresh fruits and veggies. I took it for granted and have since longed for the gardens of my youth. 

So, I began researching urban gardens.   Why urban gardens you say?  Well, I knew we weren’t going to be putting anything in our actual yard because 1) my hubby has become quite the lawn geek since we moved here and treasures what little patch of grass that we haven’t landscaped and 2) we have bunnies by the billions with ferocious appetites.  I mean those little critters eat EVERYTHING that it ground level!  Even our fence….maybe I’ll post on that later. 

Where was I??  Oh yes…urban gardening.  I had to come up with some way to keep the garden off the ground I read about these awesome urban gardeners in the Chicago Tribune one weekend and became completely inspired with their drive to become more self sufficient by growing their own food.  Its also pretty brilliant to utilize all of that sunny rooftop space in the city.  They use a pot system called a Sub-Irrigated Planter (SIP). Aha-moment!  I thought why not try SIPs on our deck.  No bunnies.  No digging in the precious green grass. 

The next day I bought our first Earth Box.  Its basically a rectangular shaped container that has several ingenious features including a water reservoir in the bottom to help keep the water level constant.  Ok, that’s a REALLY big understatement of its features, but you can read more about them here.

We love tomatoes and thought this would be the first veggie to try out in our new Earth Box.  I knew tomatoes are finicky.  I also knew it couldn’t end up any worse than our previous attempt to grow them the year before in a regular pot.  We harvested a total of 5 tomatoes!

Here’s our freshly planted Earth Box back at the end of May.

Our 1st Earthbox Garden

The black tube on the right is where you add water each day.  There is an overflow hole in the bottom center of the pot.  When water and a little soil come out of that little hole, you stop watering.  In the early days after planting, we could water every 3 days.  Once the plants got HUGE, we could fill the entire pot each day.  I read that full grown tomato plants can use a gallon of water each day!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the beginnings of our 2009 “garden”.  I hope to post more on its development and next year a step by step on setting the whole thing up.

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  1. I wonder if I got one of these if they would love. I don't have a green thumb


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