Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From Brassy To Beautiful

Pin It Once again, I’m posting on something that I did a while back and didn’t think to take “Before” pictures of the pieces. To give you a visual, just picture 1980’s when brass was in her heyday. Mauve and country blue, those white duck tchotchke’s and floral bubble valances also reined supreme. Getting the idea?? Overly shiny brass lamps with yellowed shades in triplicate. Just bad….REAL bad.

My mom gave me these prized lamps a few years back. She was mortified to hear that I was going to spray paint REAL brass!! The horror! Anywho….here’s a look at how one of them turned out. The other two are identical so I’m only posting one of the triplets here.


I sprayed on three coats of Rustoleum Textured spray paint in black. No primer, no sanding. Just lots of spraying to make sure I covered under and over all of those curves.

I found some updated lamp shades at Target and voila….brand spankin’ new-to-me lamps. Sorry mom. I think they look better here than collecting dust in my basement, right?

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  1. My mom has some old brass lamps, too! I thought about taking them (okay, not like stealing them, she doesn't want them anymore!) and spray painting them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cute lamp redo! It really updates the lamp!


  3. I have a floor lamp I've been wanting to paint forever! you inspire me to get off my duff and get it done!
    great looking lamps!

  4. Love that finish. I painted a brass lamp too, just about gave my poor grandma a heart attack! But I agree, better to love it than leave it in the basement. :)
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. They do look very nice--better than brass for sure!!!

  6. Great job!
    I redid one almost exactly the same in cream a while ago. Love it in black, too!

  7. Sabrina, you did a lovely job. What a great way to keep something out of a land fill. Cindy S.


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