Monday, November 23, 2009

More Mod Podge Love

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My friends think I’m becoming some crazy crafter lately. I have to say that I feel a little bit like my mom back in her country blue crafting days. Of course, I’m a WAY more hip and cool version of that crafter mommy though….YEAH RIGHT!

Well, I just love this Mod Podge frame project so much, that I decided to make a few for some friends as well. IMG_5225IMG_5227 IMG_5095IMG_5096 The options are limitless and I love playing around with the different papers combos. I added a letter to the last one for my friend’s daughter, Adeline. Oh the possibilities.

I actually made one more that was a little smaller in size, but gave it to a friend before I snapped a photo. Rookie mistake, I know.

Well, I hope this has given at least a few of you some inspiration for some really cheap inexpensive Christmas gifts this season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. These frames are awesome! I always love doing Mod Podge frames, they are so fun. I especially like the one with the "A." ;p

  2. Thanks Amy! That's a big compliment coming from the Mod Podge Queen! (insert bow or curtsy here) hee hee!

  3. so cute! I just found my mod podge when I cleaned my craft bins the other day. I think this project may be on my horizon!


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