Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Incidents – A Nicer Way To Describe Naughtiness

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“Incident” is my word to describe the not-so-funny happenings around our house.  I kind of use it as a substitute for….I don’t know, maybe “catastrophe”??

The first one to “pop” into my mind (because of its severity) was the infamous “Pop-Ice Incident of 2009”. 

main_popice My boys were playing as usual in the basement right before bedtime and I called them up for our regular bedtime rituals.  Then my oldest (Lanham) says, “Um, mommy, Braden’s (young one) kind of messy!”  Although it had only been 20 minutes tops, I knew right then I was in for a treat.

As I round the corner of our basement stairs, I’m immediately greeted by two half naked boys that are covered in what looks like water color paints.  In fact, it is actually not-yet-frozen Pop-Ice juice!!!

Here’s what happened according to reports from my then 5 year old.  The kid proof doors to our storage closet were left open, they discovered a new box of Pop-Ice and decided to eat them. 

I guess at that age you don’t realize if they’re not cold, they’re not FROZEN!!!  So then, after ripping a few open with their teeth, the juice just got all over the place and they figured, “Hey! We’re already a mess and in trouble so let’s open THE ENTIRE BOX!!!!!”

When I got down there they had removed their PJ’s because “Mommy our jammies were SOOOO dirty!” and proceeded to drink the Pop-Ice juice and be merry! 

It was EVERYWHERE, the floors, the walls, the TV! 

Oh and I forgot to mention, my husband was out of town for work.  I called him freaking out and he was like, “Call the neighbors, dear!”  Imagine how crazy I sounded calling my neighbor friend at 8:00pm, relaying my tale and asking to borrow her husband.

In the end, my awesome neighbor and their daughter helped me tackle the mess with a Rug Doctor.  It took me several days to clean it and the carpet still bares the stains of that fateful evening. 

Needless to say, it was a LONG time before those boys got their hands on a Pop-Ice treat.

And yes, even in my anger, I took pictures of my two little monsters, covered head to toe in sticky Pop-Ice goodness.

The end.

Now that felt therapeutic….maybe I should make this a regular topic??  We’ll see if I can handle sharing my adventures (and mess ups) in motherhood.

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