Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Laundry Room Redo – Part 1

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While I feel pretty lucky to have a somewhat spacious place to spend my days slaving over the washer and dryer, a girl can always dream of a prettier and more organized space.  Right?

Although the space is completely functional as is, let me break my “issues” down for you.

One of my biggest gripes here is all the wire shelving.  I’m thankful we have it, because it has provided some much needed storage.  Nevertheless, over the years its become a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff and looks really sloppy.  It also has a crazy way of attracting lint!

Did I mention we have REALLY poor lighting in here and NO natural light??  This is the view from our foyer looking into the laundry room.  The door to the garage is to the left, but not pictured.IMG_5022 IMG_5026

The space is really long and narrow (6’x14’).  It is also the main entrance to our house.  Of course we have your typical front door main entrance that we use when we have company over, but we all usually come in through the attached garage.  This lands us all in the laundry room.  Therefore, our laundry room is both mudroom and laundry room which equals a HIGH traffic area!

Here’s the view from the other end looking back towards the door to the foyer.IMG_5024

Also, notice how the two doors are SO close together?  This causes some major congestion when we all come home together.  The doors actually hit!!!  Probably won’t be able to fix this during my little reno, but while I’m ripping on my little room why not let it all fly.

Underneath the shelves, I’ve attempted to corral our shoes, but somehow the number of shoes always outnumbers the amount of cubbies.

Somehow, I’d like to get more folding space.  I find myself doing 6 loads of laundry and everything is piled on top of the dryer and falling onto the floor!  IMG_5023 Lastly, although I lust daily for fancy front loading washer and dryer, there is nothing really wrong with our current set so I’ll have to work around them.  And look at all that wasted space above the washer and dryer!!!

So here’s my wish list/plan……

  1. Paint the room a fun new color that brightens up my work room
  2. Change out the light for some added wattage
  3. Add new storage (with doors!!)
  4. Add a bench or small seat for taking off our shoes
  5. Hooks for coats, hats and bags
  6. A little artwork for fun
  7. Adding a folding area
  8. Possibly changing the floor

Ambitious around the holidays??  Yes, probably.  And although some of items on my list might not happen at all, I’m hoping to most of it finished by Christmas…..yikes….I better get moving!

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