Friday, December 11, 2009

Laundry Room Redo – Part 2

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The Planning Stage

Well if I’m going to get this project done before Santa gets here, (and my family too!) I better get a plan going.

First up, I know I want to rip out the wire shelving and add wall cabinets. This will give me a much cleaner look, more storage and a place to hide all the clutter that seems to land is this room.

Once again, Ikea saves the day with their reasonably priced cabinetry. I decided to go with the Applad doors, which is just one notch up from their lowest priced doors. It is just the laundry room for heaven’s sake. I don’t think the room will be too snotty about it.

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Although Ikea has an online kitchen planning tool, I decided to use my forever friend Power Point again to do a little cabinet plan. (This image is not to scale and only shows the North wall of our laundry room.)image

With a little measuring, I calculated that I can fit (2) 30”x30” double door cabinets and one 24”x30” cabinet above my washer, dryer and sink.

Then I saw these awesome pantry type cabinets and added one of those to the right of the sink. I think that makes then entire space look more finished. 47982_PE144461_S4

(photo source)

I’m a little nervous about tackling a cabinet hanging project, but from the reading I’ve done, it seems manageable. The Ikea system is way more DIY friendly than your average cabinets, so I think we’ll be ok. Either way, I’ve called my dad (a carpenter by trade) to let him know my plan and to be on call for back up.

Here are some helpful links about the Ikea cabinets if you’re interested.

Ikea Kitchen Planner

Ikea Fans – This site gives some much needed detail to the sometimes vague Ikea directions. The forum section is FAB!

Ok, so wish me luck and I’ll be back with more planning details soon!

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