Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art On The Cheap – Part 3

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You would think my walls would be filled by now, huh? Not so my friends. These suburbia homes come chocked full of one thing, that’s for sure: miles and miles of wall space. Oh and those miles are usually a lovely shade of your basic white!

So, I thought I would once again share some of my recent fast and frugal wall art projects.

First up, our master bedroom walls are SO bare that it actually echoes in there!!! I’ve spotted this idea around the bloggy world and had to try it out for myself.


Basic 12x12 frames found at Michaels during a 50% off frame sale and colorful scrapbook paper.IMG_6528

Instant color pop and some texture too! I love that we can change this out so easily, but not have to actually measure and hang again.

Next up, I wanted to see if I could make my own “Keep Calm” print and here is what I came up with so far.IMG_6463

I’m still not completely sold on the grey, but it works for now. This picture isn’t the greatest either, but it was taken in our lack of natural light laundry room. :(

And of course, it wouldn’t be an artsy post from me without some help from PowerPoint. (see here and here)

During Christmas, I thought it would be nice to make extra frame my “seasonal frame” for our kitchen. I played around with some clipart on PowerPoint and came up with this for the holidays.


Now that Valentine’s Day is coming up, I’ve changed the frame out to this.


What do you think? Eggs and chicks for Easter??

Last, but certainly not least, we recently inherited some awesome chalk pastel pieces from someone that was dear to my husband’s family and sadly passed away last year. They were SO great, we just had to find a home for them.

The first two pieces were a perfect fit for our living room. The colors are so fresh and uplifting.IMG_6509-1


The second set were more funky. They screamed fun…family fun = family room!



Now, I know that a boot wouldn’t be everyone’s “Mona Lisa”, but we love it and the cityscape too. Beyond that, they have a huge sentimental value to my hubby and his family and to me, that’s what makes as house a home.

Although I didn’t make these last pieces, they were free so that counts as “art on the cheap”, right?

How about you guys? Any family pieces laying around that might look better framed out and on a wall? Maybe even some family embroidery or old photos.

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  1. Great stuff!
    I think you did a wonderful job.

    And I love the boots. Very cool.

  2. I love them all! It really does make a difference and warm up a room if there is art on the wall.

  3. I love that! I'm going to have to try making some of those myself. I also have LOTS of wall space to fill. Especially in the bedrooms. I've been wondering what to put above the beds, and that's a great idea!!

  4. Great job at finding cute and cheap ways to fill those walls. I really like the boot painting, it is fun!

  5. Great ideas! I am always looking at my piles of scrapbook paper thinking they would make great wall art. You are inspiring me to finally go out and buy some 12 x 12 frames. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Now I'm going through my scrapbook paper and seeing what I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Great ideas. I really like the idea to use the scrapbook paper. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Don't forgot to check out your local ads for Michaels and Hobby Lobby. They have 50% frame sales at least once a month. I saved 50% off each frame AND they had this bonus 25% all frame coupon too.
    Thanks for the great feedback!


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