Friday, January 22, 2010

Small Room, Small Changes, Big Impact

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The powder room is usually the smallest room in the house, next to make a laundry nook. Like I’ve said before, when we moved into our house, much of it, including our teeny tiny powder room, looked like Easter threw up all over it.

Amidst all the business that moving into a new home brings, I didn’t get any before shots of the room again. Sorry. Hopefully the Easter comment says it all.

Visual aid: sunny yellow with different pastels glazed onto it using the “feather duster” technique.

Did I mention the room is only 3’x7’?? IMG_6752

The good amongst the bad: pedestal sink, oval mirror, working toilet and hardwood floors. No major repairs here. Only cosmetic like the rest of the new pad.

I tackled the hideous faux walls with some extra paint I had left over from our spare bedroom. (Martha Stewart, Beeswax) Instant change.

Instant OOPS!

The extra paint was Flat. This bathroom gets the most traffic in our house which resulted in water streaks everywhere. Beyond me wanting to fix them.

In comes Carpenter Dad to the rescue. (he needs a cape or at least some tights) I LOVE subway tiles and asked him to install them from the floor up to chair rail height for a Christmas present. IMG_6730

Then I repainted the walls a buttery cream that I can’t seem to find the name of. Oops again.



I found this light fixture in the clearance section at Home Depot for $40. What a steal!IMG_6715

These photos were from a great beach weekend a few years ago. I used an aging tool to give them a lighter beachy feel and I think it really goes with this airy room.


This little votive holder was a small little spray paint project. It was a freebie from a baby shower, but the pastel shades didn’t go with any of my decor. A little white spray paint did the trick.


Just goes to show how a little tile and paint can completely change even the smallest room.

Oh and I have to mention the latest addition to our powder room too. I give you “The Froggy Potty”.IMG_6754

Thanks again, Carpenter Dad!

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  1. That is beautiful! I LOVE subway tile but usually see it in the kitchen. LOVE how you incorporated it into the bathroom!!!

  2. Love the subway tiles they look awesome in the space!

  3. Nicely done! The subway tile turned out great. I love that look.

  4. What a great job. I love love love the white subway tile!!

  5. Bravo, subway tiles looks smart & fresh! Cute little powder room indeed!

  6. Lovely great job. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your attention to detail and I miss having a potty seat around my house. I love the tile work. You did a great job, thanks for sharing.

    Cha Cha

  8. The subway tile is gorgeous! The room looks great.

  9. Love subway tile and your paint color is lovely! I've got a Power of Paint Party on Wednesdays... I'd love for you to share your bathroom.

  10. Thanks so much everyone! I only wish you guys could see the before pics to truly see this rooms sad Easter Egg past. Ick!

  11. Love the subway tiles, really make the room look great!

  12. Love the subway tiles...I have those in my kitchen and love the simplicity.
    Froggy looks good in there too! :)

  13. Your powder room is so pretty! Love the subway tiles, pedestal sink, and round mirror. Beautiful!
    Hope you have a great day!! Beth.

  14. I love this! It looks great. The subway tile was a brilliant call. Now I want to do it in my little master bedroom shower/toilet room. Love it!

  15. Ha ha. I laughed at the froggy. Love the bath. Paint does do wonders, but I still love the neutral colors in your room.

  16. I love the subway tile! The bathroom looks great! And your laundry room looks fab too. I need a shoe organizer in ours. And, I've got subway tile waiting for me to tackle for our backsplash this weekend.

    Looks good!

  17. Your bathroom turned out wonderful. It's so fresh and updated.

    I have a teeny tiny 1/2 bath downstairs and it's a challenge at every turn because so little fits in there.


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