Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Grown Up Room

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Our master bedroom was kind of a catch all for random mismatched furniture and decor. After living with this mess for three years, I’m proud to say we’ve finally grown up and graduated to something that finally somewhat resembles a “Master” bedroom.


The UGLY wall treatment!!!DSCF2571Our lovely barn-like focal wall used to hit you like a ton of bricks as you walked in the door! It was also textured and faux treated with a shiny silver glaze by the previous owners. Yikes!

Combine that wall with the “Seen Better Days” furniture below and many other miscellaneous items from both of our single days and you have a much needed makeover room.DSCF3102


IMG_7032 (2)

First, we had the walls painted. Yes, I said it. We hired real painters for the first time ever. I know its not the sign of a true DIYer. However, when we figured in the cost of renting scaffolding and the amount of time this huge space was going to take…well, we caved, ok!!

Back to the color choice. I wanted a neutral that we could live with for a long time….possibly forever since the space is a real pain to paint obviously. The space is SO large though that many neutrals would just appear white.

I figured we could get away with a deeper tone in our large space and went with a warm neutral from Sherwin Williams called Sanderling (7513).

I love how it turned out and it immediately made the room so much cozier.

Here’s a look at the same “barn wall” from the Before pictures above.IMG_7073

Then, I tackled the two sad pieces of furniture that we had to work with due to a teeny tiny budget. The knotty pine nastiness….I mean furniture, got a much needed overhaul that I proudly talked about way back here.


This mirror was another quickie spray paint project.

IMG_7038 (2)

A little flat black spray paint, rid it of its former honey oak life.

Next, I moved on to jazzing up the bed a little. The above pine furniture set included a matching spindly headboard that was meant for a full size bed. We had propped it up behind our queen bed for years. It annoyed the heck out of me.


I originally wanted to make a padded headboard. Then I stumbled across this option from Walmart. It was featured in a Better Homes and Gardens room redo by Genevieve.

The same headboard (believe me I checked the model number) can be found at other websites for $50-$100 more than what I paid at Walmart. Just shows that it helps to shop around.


And with Site to Store there’s no shipping fee. Woo hoo!


The pale blue green coverlet and shams are from Overstock and I found the chocolate basket weave shams on Ebay.

We also have a down comforter (not pictured) that we use during the winter months. It has a neutral cover and kind of blah. Alas, it is a necessity this time of year.

I love the way I can add and subtract from our bedding as needed to suit the weather. In the summer, we only use the coverlet. Now that its winter, we added the down comforter underneath.


Our old Ikea nightstand, was better suited for another room and I snagged these beauties online from Walmart.


The lamp bases were on clearance for $7 at Meijer and I topped them off with shades from Target. At first I wasn’t a huge fan of the finish and had thought I wanted more brushed nickel. However, once it was all in place, I loved the warmer look.


The accessories are still a little sparse in this room. It’s a work in a progress. So far, I’ve scored these silver candlesticks from yet another Home Goods clearance rack.


The blue/green glass bowl was $1 at Goodwill and now holds coral we found on the beaches in Costa Rica. IMG_7069

This vase and the other smaller one next to my jewelry box were clearance finds from Michaels.



The color scheme actually started with my love for the blue-green/chocolate color combination that’s so popular these days. I first found these curtains, again, at Walmart and went from there.

(Ok…now I sound like Walmart pays me….they don’t. I wish, but no….they don’t. Most of our income goes to them and not the other way around unfortunately. ugh.)


I’m trying to add the blue-green color in my accents and keep the other things in the room more neutral. When I change my mind about that stronger color, I can pull it out and add a new one to my neutrals.

For instance, I added simple artwork above our bed using inexpensive 12x12 frames and scrapbook paper. I’m a lover of Art on the Cheap. For more artsy fun, look here and here.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. Here are some things I still want to add to our already new and improved Master Bedroom.

  • Change the ceiling fan out - It has black lacquered fan blades that I stare at with mild hatred each night.
  • More artwork - this room has so much wall space!
  • New TV stand – the current one is something we picked up in a hurry one day and its just bad…but functional.


I hope you enjoyed my Master Bedroom tour. We are certainly loving a more grown-up and pulled together retreat for ourselves.

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  1. That looks great. We have those high ceilings in our master and in our family room. They are really a decorating dilemma for me. Everything looks small in comparison to the wall. Your room is coming along great. It is amazing the way paint can trasform a space. I'm on my way to check out you pine furniture makeover, I have a couple of pieces that are being for it.

  2. great transformation. Love the headboard and the bed linens.

  3. Beautiful!!! I love the paint color you chose. Everything is so peaceful and pretty!

    Will you come over and help me with mine - lol? I am having a complete design block. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Very nice job! Would you mind emailing me the name of your painter? Our home is well overdue and those cathedral ceilings are killers! or maybe you just want to come over and help me ;)

  5. wow, everything is so gorgeous!! you did an amazing job :)

  6. Your room is so calm and serene....just what one needs for rest. I love your choices!


  7. Your bedroom is looking fab! Love the color combo. Must be nice to curl up there and hard to leave that room in the morning.

  8. What an inspiration you are! This room rocks. I love how it's so cozy and retreat-like. What were they thinking with that red wall? And, there's no shame in hiring a painter!

  9. I really love it, and the padded headboard would keep me in bed reading all day!

  10. Thank you for hiring painters! You keep us in business! Ha! The room looks great!!!

  11. Very very stylish! Love it! What a beautiful and creative blog! Look forward to read more. Have a nice day! towe.

  12. CUTE,CUTE and more CUTENESS! I love it all. Great job!

    Jennie @ Cinnaberry Suite

  13. WOW! Great job... I have been thinking about our bedroom as well and you have given me a lot of good ideas. It looks great!

  14. Your room looks so grown up and put together now. I love how warm the room feels and the wall looks great.

  15. It looks fantastic and it does look like a grown up lives there now! Lol. The color looks amazing along with all of your decor! Great transformation! Thanks for sharing it with us over at Poppies at Play!

  16. Love the new look! You did a great job. :) I want those basket weave pillow shams!! They are absolutely beautiful. The entire room looks fantastic. Great color scheme.

  17. Oh, that is a gorgeous bedroom! The color combination is so warm and cozy. Love the curtains....I can see why you would base the whole room around them.

  18. Wow. What a transformation. I would never guess that it is the same space. pretty colors. Well done.

  19. Wow, what road were you driving down. I need to drive down that one. :) This looks amazing.

  20. Beautiful redo! I so want to hire a paint to paint my staircase area... so hire I'm a bit terrified to paint it myself. Enjoy your gorgeous room & thank you for sharing at the POPP.

  21. Wow that came out nice!! I'm getting ready to post about our bedroom makeover and it's still a work in progress as well. You've made a lot more progress..lol!!
    I'm new to blogging but I see we frequent a lot of the same sites (and stores!).

  22. I stumbled across your remodel because we are repainting our house and one of the colors we want to use is Sanderling. I painted a small patch on our wall and it looks pretty dark, however, it looks great in your bedroom. We are going to give it a try! Thanks for your inspirational pictures :)


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