Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey! I Want To Make a Ruffled Pillow Too!

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I’ve finally had it.  I can’t stand it any longer. 

Every morning, I grab my cup of coffee and start flipping through the daily goodies in my Google Reader.  Such a great part of my day.

Then it hits me….I can’t even DO many of these awesome ideas.

Why?  Well, I’m pretty crafty, yes.  What I am lacking is pretty important, though.

A sewing machine.

Where to start?  What little do dads do I need?  Brands?    What a “free arm”? 

My mom has agreed to give me some lessons….she’s pretty good at all things crafty, including sewing.  Now I just need the machine. 

So I’m putting out an SOS to you all, to help me decide which one to get.  Seriously.  I got completely dizzy when browsing all the options on Amazon the other day.

My mother-in-law is also a great seamstress, but she lives in Arizona.  :(  She’s given me tips and tricks to get me started.

And mom’s not much help either.  She hasn’t bought one in years!  now she wants a new one too.

I want to hear from you guys.  The ones that are in the sewing/crafting trenches each week.

So can you help us?  Pretty please!!

I promise to share some fun creations after I learn how to wrangle the sewing machine beast.  Oh, and if I don’t run the needle over my finger in the process.  Ewww! 

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  1. I just bought I cheap one from Hancock Fabrics-it is White. I don't do more than pillows, curtains, and some kids clothes so it works pretty well for me.

    I have seen a lot of serger projects that I am envious about though. Good luck I hope you find one that fits and you get to start making some stuff.

  2. I have a bare bones Kenmore that I love! It was simple enough for me to teach myself and didn't cost much.


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