Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I’m SO Into This…and That

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One of my favorite bloggers, Jen of Hope Studios, is hosting a fun party on Thursday to blab about what everyone is currently “into”. 
What a fun way to see what’s cool, hip or just a new obsession in each other’s households these days.
Well, in my house, the buzz word is “guys”.  Let me explain. 
My oldest, Lanham, has always been one to rename his toys how he sees fit.  “Guys” is his world for any sort of action figure.  Usually it refers to the Star Wars Galactic Heroes, but the term has also been expanded to include Transformers, GI Joe and Indiana Jones guys too. 
Now my two year old, Braden, is completely into it too and they fight constantly over who has who’s guy.  On and on.  The floor of my car is full of guys.  Coat pockets too!
As if being outnumbered in my house by real guys wasn’t enough?
Lanham, my 1st grader, is into “chapter books”.  Now that he’s mastered the basics of reading, he HAS to read “big boy chapter books”.  June B is a fave. 
Braden, the two year old, is obsessed with attempting to “read”.  So, he carries a book around and mumbles a lot.  He wants to be like his big brother SO bad!
The boys also love the Penguins of Madagascar spin off series.  Braden requests it simply by saying, “Pain-gins, peas, mommy?”.
I have to admit, it’s a hysterical show.  While at the aquarium last weekend, Braden started naming the real penguins Rico and Kowalski.  Ha!
Cute and Cuddly Boys.  Cute and Cuddly.
Braden has discovered his inner Picasso lately.  Luckily, his medium of choice is washable.  
My hubby has been WAY into the Winter Olympics lately.  Hockey is on in the background as I type this post.
The winter months involve lots of TV watching after the kiddos head to bed.  Currently, we’re both into Biggest Loser (SO inspiring!), Damages (Glen Close scares me!) and Modern Family (BEST new comedy hands down!). 
When the snow finally melts and the birds return, then maybe my butt  imprint will finally be removed from the couch.
As for me, myself, and I….
Avocado.  Especially sliced on turkey sandwiches.  YUM!
No-Crack Super Hand Cream (from Restoration Hardware) is the best thing for my dried up wintery paws this time of year.  I use the lemon grass scent each night before bed and it really does keep the crack away.
My newest thang is sewing.  I haven’t learned how to actually sew yet, but if someone needed to write a research paper on the types of sewing machines available or a list of really cute sewing projects to try…well, I would be your go-to gal. 
So that’s it for La Casa de Sabby.  What’s everyone buzzin about in house?  Don’t forget to check out even more fun “Into It” posts at Hope Studios
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  1. Where do you get that hand cream... sounds like something I should try! I don't sew either... but I LOVE looking at projects and thinking, "that would be so cool to make!" Our couch could use a break too after this winter!! ;)

  2. My son calls all figure type toys "guys" as well and I Love it. Amen on the "Modern Family" shout out...such a great show!

  3. Oooh, I am right there with you on the Biggest Loser and Avocado ~ yummy on sandwiches, salads, who am I kidding? I slice it and eat it plain :)

  4. MT - that's hysterical about the "guys" thing. Who knew it was universal!

    Glad to see I'm not the only couch potato out there this winter!

  5. I totally need that hand cream for my lizard hands, yuck!

  6. Avocado is my favorite too - it's so good on everything. My little boy just asked me about guys the other day. I guess he hears it all the time too and he asked "who are guys?"

  7. I was going to recommend the Magic Tree House series and A to Z Mysteries for your reader. My older kids loved them.

  8. Avocado, yum! I need to learn to sew too. I'm just afraid that if I learn, I'll never leave the machine!

  9. What a fun post and what a fun party idea. My babies are so much older now but this helps keep me up on what is current with the toddlers and under 10's. We love Damages and Modern Family too. We missed the first two seasons of Damages so we bought it used on Amazon and we watch them marathon style sometimes on the weekend.
    What a great family you must have. Enjoy. Pam

  10. OOOOoooooOOO! I should have added Biggest Loser to my list too. I was too busy blathering on and on about LOST though!

    My boys have lots of "guys" too. I usually find them underfoot or in the washing machine! Ack!

    Does the hand cream work on really messed up heels too? Just wondering. :)


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