Friday, February 19, 2010

SNAKES! Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

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My son watched the below scene from Indiana Jones:Raiders of the Lost Ark and it changed his life….forever.

He is completely terrified of snakes now.  If I had known the effect of this beloved movie, I would have never let him watch it.

But the damage is done.  He won’t even go near the snake house at the zoo!  The rubber ones at the aquarium gift shop?  Not a chance.

And now this…


See that missing piece?  He kept telling me that he was almost finished with this puzzle, except for one piece.  He was “So sorry, Mommy”, but he just couldn’t bring himself to finish it.

Huh?  Why is Nevada missing?  Then I spotted this off to the side of the puzzle.


Flipped it over.IMG_7262

Aha!  A snake.


Sorry, Nevada.  You better get a new Melissa & Doug USA puzzle mascot or you’ll get booted out the country in this house. 

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  1. How funny! Maybe he'll grow out of it one day. And if he doesn't, at least he won't be the only one who's afraid of snakes. I know they're definitely on my list of things to fear!

  2. Oh poor kid, you never know whats going to send them running and screaming! I wonder how long that puzzle will have 1 missing piece?

  3. Oh so sorry to hear that the movie scared him of snakes. I know I don't like snakes either. Maybe a good way to get him over the fear of snakes is to educate him on which ones are poisonous and a threat as opposed to others which can be in you don't die from them.

  4. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help myself. My youngest is obsessed with monsters. We'll be in the car and from the back seat I hear "Mama turn the wheel fast there is a monster behind you." Or we'll be walking into the grocery store "Come on mama walk faster or a monster is gonna get us."

    So I know this stage well. good times! ha... :)

  5. Well, I had to put that puzzle piece back in the box when puzzle time was over. :) He even check to make sure I had rid the room of this nasty element! I can only hope he'll grow out of it. Until then, I'll be the resident snake wrangler.

    Alita- the monster story is hysterical..I would be the bad mom crackin' up.

    Cheryl - that is a good idea, although at this point, I can't even say the word snake. I'll keep trying though. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Sabrina, thanks so much for commenting on my blog -Hope you get a chance to makeover a T-shirt sooon! I loved your story about the snakes! How funny! Your blog is cute! Thanks again! Big Smiles, JEN

  7. Hi, Sabby, thanks for stopping by! and welcome to blogging, if I have not been by here before. I took time to look at your newly done master bedroom, as well as the subway tiled powder room. Great job on all of it! You are doing some majorly great changes. And I love your laundry room makeover too. A pretty LR is wonderful to have. Hope you enjoy blogging & please stop by often!

  8. My husband HATES that part of the movie! Scary for sure :) Hey, I took your advice and hooked us up with a linky party of favorite things for Thursday!


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