Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You Capture – Kisses

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Since I’m the one usually giving out and receiving the kisses in our house, this week’s challenge was…well, challenging.

I captured what I could on Valentine’s Day morning, when the little ones were feeling oh-so lovey dovey.

Full of Valentine mushiness! At one point, they went a little over board and some of the shots were a Fabio-cover-of-a-romance-novelish. You ask, they do.

Here’s what made the cut.




And, of course, Dixie the wonder pooch, had to get her turn.

puppy kisses



There is a great weekly photography challenge at I Should Be Folding Laundry called You Capture. It’s a wonderful way for me to work on my skills, get new ideas and have fun with photography.

Each Thursday she hosts a party for a specific photo assignment and gives the assignment for the next week. Great idea, huh? Like homework for your hobby.

But the fun kind of homework.

Check her out!

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  1. Great photos. Adorable kiddos! And the puppy are ridiculously cute!

  2. Oh that first picture is phenomenal! I love it! Happiness. Frame it, and spend the rest of your life rediscovering it. Period!

  3. Awww. So glad you had a little cooperation.

  4. hehe... love that last one! Great Shots :)

  5. Oh, these are so, so sweet. I love the third one, the angle is really interesting and they are so cute!

  6. Awww such sweet kisses, I especially love puppy kisses.

  7. I just love that middle photo. It's so sweet.

  8. I'm jealous of your captures. How did you get the pictures of your boys kissing? It happens so fast here! ha...

  9. Love the puppy kisses, especially the middle one!

  10. Your little boys are precious. I love their kisses. I also love the puppy love : ) Pure sweetness. Your blog background is my favorite. Every time I see this I smile! So, so pretty!

  11. What adorable pictures! I love pictures of kids kissing each other. Great take on the You Capture theme!

  12. Your first shot is pure perfection!

    If I asked my boys to kiss each other, I have no doubt we would end up in the ER. You are a brave woman.

  13. What beautiful boys! ... DeeDee

  14. what lovely photos... and some great kisses.
    have a good day =)

  15. Alita - I have some pretty cheesy
    actors living around here who will sometimes put on a good show. Cupid must have been flying around or something on Valentine's Day...they were certainly game. Hee hee!

    Now that I see you all love the puppy kisses so much I wish I would have made them larger for the post. I thought they might have a certain "Eww!" factor.

  16. Love these kisses. The first is done so beautifully, but they're all perfect. =)


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