Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventures In Potty Training – Part 2

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Once again, I’m NO expert in this department. However, I’m a true believer in sharing insider mommy tips that books sometimes fail to tell you.

My first post on potty training dealt with getting geared up and ready to go. Now, it’s time for the “big game”.

Fancy Pants and Pull Ups

I used Pull-Ups with both of our boys during potty training. Once they started getting into a potty routine, I only used them during nap and bed time. We also put one on when going shopping, just in case we couldn’t make it to the public restroom fast enough.

I totally understanding skipping right over the Pull Ups, but they worked for me. I didn’t have a hard time transitioning them to wear big boy undies either.

In fact, he LOVES having his own big boy underwear. Oh! There’s another tip…take your toddler on a special shopping trip for big boy/girl underwear. It’s just one more incentive for them to get on board!image

Which leads me to…

Bribery – It Works

Okay, you can start the name calling now. Call me a sucker. Call me a cheat. IMG_7426

I don’t care…bribery in potty training worked like a charm for both of my boys. I know at least one other blogger friend that’s with me (Debbie!).

With my oldest, Lanham, it was M&M’s. Braden is currently getting Skittles. IMG_7435

To get him to go #2, additional measures were needed. Don’t laugh…he’s getting Hershey Kisses for making poo.

You’re laughing aren’t you? Me too.

The best is when he goes #2 in a public restroom and says, “I made BIG poopies! I get CHOCOLATE!!”

I hear snickers in other stalls.

The Potty Donut – The Final Frontier

Once your little guy or gal gets comfortable with the potty process, you might want to graduate to The Potty Donut (a.k.a. the Soft Potty Seat).

These help ease your little one’s fear of that large white bowl we try to get them to use. It must seem intimidating when you’re only 3 feet tall.

They come in all kinds of fun characters to lure your little one to the big porcelain bowl.

image image

The only negative I have with the donut, is that with boys you can sometimes have a little mess to clean up under the rim. Ew. Again.

By the time you get the donut, you are in the home stretch. Congrats mom, dad and toddler! No more diapers!

As of right now, Braden is wearing big boy underwear pretty much all day, even during nap. We are THRILLED.

So thrilled that I might even do that lame Huggies Potty Dance.

So that’s my two cents on potty training. I hope you found something useful or at least funny in my take.

I hear someone asking for chocolate…woo hoo!

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  1. Great job Sab! I used bribery & it worked like a charm! Glad it worked for you, too! The potty dance is soooo lame! Aren't you glad that your are done with it?


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