Friday, March 19, 2010

Laundry Room – A Finishing Touch

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Although I was totally thrilled with my laundry room redo, I felt that it needed a little something on the far wall and behind the washer and dryer. 


A little bare, huh?

Well, I scoured Etsy, and finally settled on this for under the hanging rack.


It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but the “Laundry” is actually a dark gray color.  I love LOVE LOVE it!

As I’ve said before, vinyl decals are just such a great invention.  So low commitment and fairly inexpensive. Bang for my buck and all that jazz. 

And for this location, I needed wall art that was flat so that my hanging clothes didn’t bump into anything on laundry day.  Bonus!


I also snagged a set of these adorable clothespins too.


The set included 10, but I’ve only used 5 so far.  What do you think?  Add more?  If so, where?

I purchased both decals from House Hold Words.  Mandie’s shop is fantastic if you’re looking for great vinyl lettering and decals.  Check her out!

Okay, another minor dilemma.  Please forgive my OCD brain here, but the box where the hot and cold water come into the laundry room.

IMG_7821 (3)

Notice anything? 

IMG_7821 (2)

Yep, it’s totally jacked up and unlevel.  When I painted the room, I took the frame off of the box and the actual drywall was cut at this angle.  Ugh…who DOES THAT?? 

Besides being out of wack, it’s also just a big ol’ eyesore.  Agreed?

So, my OCD question to you all is what to do, what to do?  Should I try to hang something over it?  Or just cut it out properly?  That could get messy.  Should I just leave well enough alone…it is the laundry room after all.   

Suggestions pretty please!!

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  1. Love the new decals!
    I'm with you on the uneven box, it would drive me crazy too. Hmmm???

  2. Ca-ute! I love the clothespins! And the color of your walls is great. If it were me and that box was easy enough to take off, I'd probably try to cut the hole more even... and what about using a couple of the extra clothespin decals over your washbasin? Just a thought :)

  3. Hey there! Love the decals. I'm impressed that you are even trying to decorate your laundry room :). But yeah...don't have any suggestions for the uneven box.

  4. The decals are cute!
    The uneven box would drive me nuts. Nothing is straight or even in my house and it drives me crazy. Don't builders know what a square is?

  5. Great job on the decals!! Would the remaining pins look good going down the wall under the Laundry sign? Like 5 of them spaced vertically, under the sign to the floor? Not sure what to tell you about the hose connection box~I think it is standard to put it in crooked , to drive all of us women crazy!!!

  6. I love your wall decals and the laundry shelf. I didn't even notice the box till you mentioned it. Will you get used to it and be able to ignore it? Maybe you could suspend something hanging (from hooks mounted under cabinet) in front of it, like an interesting plaque, picture, or something?? Just brainstorming:)

  7. I was thinking you could put a white picture frame and matte around it. Put the frame straight, and cut the matte to fit around the box. If that doesn't make sense (which it usually doesn't, because I ramble) let me know and I'll try to explain it better.

  8. I love these clothes pins they really make the room! I just finished my laundry room too, I'd love you to check it out!

  9. aside from a sort of frame (which may look odd with it being off center) maybe you could hang a curtain rod behind it and add an extra pop of color. Maybe an inch from the wall, 12 inches in hight and the length of both washer and dryer. (this would cover your cute vinyl stickers) but i think it'd be cute:)


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