Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Capture - Quiet

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I’m sure many of you reading this are thinking, “Quiet? What Quiet?”

So when does quiet happen in a house with two young boys and a rambunctious puppy?

When they are sleeping of course!

I mentioned in a previous story about my strong willed 2 year old, that we use a tension gate to keep contained during nap. It’s also a way to get to to stay in his room long enough to fall asleep at night.

Of course, this child always has a plan. A devious little plot to let us know that he will NOT be ruled by the lowly humanoid parents he has to share a roof with…sounds a little like Stewie, huh?

So here’s our angel boy sticking it to us.IMG_6503-3

Showing us who’s boss.IMG_6505-1

I can hear his brain working….”If you’re going to trap me in here, then I’m certainly not going to sleep where you want me to! Hmpf!” IMG_6504-1

We’ve recently removed the glider chair to make room for his big boy bed and he’s had to resort to other soft places for his sleeping defiance.


Does the frog look helpless or what?

Who am I kidding? I want to be the frog.

And just for fun, I played around with black and white on this one. I like. And you?



Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry puts on a great weekly photography party called You Capture. It’s a wonderful way to work on basic skills, get new ideas, be creative and have fun with photography.

Each Thursday she hosts a party for a specific photo assignment and gives the assignment for the next week. Great idea, huh? Like homework for your hobby.

But the fun kind of homework.

Check her out!

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  1. What a beautiful subject!

  2. Beautiful. I love his hair! Love the black & white one too! It's a framer!

  3. Those are the best, cleeping quiet shots I've seen! I wish I got to nap like that. :)

  4. So lovely. I love sleeping toddlers! I especially like the shot of him sleeping with his frog :)

  5. Oh my God, what a little angel. The light that plays on his golden locks. Um Amazing.

    So the trick is to get a puppy dog to get them to fall asleep easier. That is definitely going into my useful knowledge bin up in my brain! Thanks ;)

  6. LOL! At least he's sleeping, right?

  7. Little sleeping angel.

  8. It's hard to believe they can be anything but angels when you see them sleeping. When I was a kid I'd literally flip out of the crib and sleep in the hallway or anywhere but my bed. Payback is coming, I'm sure!

  9. Yeah boys and quiet don't mix well LOL

  10. I have to say - he really does look like an angel in these pictures. Absolutely beautiful!!

  11. that is one of those photos you will cherish forever, the lighting is perfect!
    reminds me so much of my son when he was little, he had the same blond curls...

  12. The black and white one is gorgeous...

  13. Beautiful! I love the soft lighting, makes him look like the cherub in one of my shots! Too funny.
    Our two year old is also a headstrong little man. Trying to do everything his way and get us to go along with his schemes.
    Wonderful captures of quiet.

  14. Sabby, what great photos. So cute ... little angels when they're sleeping!

  15. Those are great pictures. He looks so peaceful, quiet, all relaxed. Such a beautiful boy.

  16. your "baby" is the cutest--love these photos!

    thanks for your comment on my blog! i am definitely going with black shades for the lamps, and have my mind set on rectangular ones. hopefully they won't be an arm and a leg!

  17. Hello New Friend Friday! Visting from The Girl Creative. Love your photography!

  18. I have one of those stubborn kids, but mine's 4. Love his curls!

  19. I want one of those frogs, he makes them look so comfortable!

    Love your shots, love the lighting! Beautifully done!

  20. Hello, my fellow Ikea fan! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment - it's good to be validated ;)

    These pictures are priceless! What an adorable little boy...and your photos are gorgeous! I love the black-and-white, as well. Just phenomenal!

    I'm sure the refusal-to-sleep-except-in-strange-places-and-contorted-positions will be something he'll laugh about one day...but for now, thanks for sharing this cute scene with all of us!


I love your comments! They make my week!

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