Monday, April 19, 2010

Frugal Finds – Jewelry Edition

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I’m by NO means a fashionista…quite the opposite, really.  That said, I feel strange doing a post about anything clothing or personal accessory related.  However, I just had to share this deal. 

Yes, it was that good.

I was at the mall (shocking!) and decided to pop into Carson Pirie Scott.  They have great clearance shoes and clothes deals called the Yellow Dot Sale.   You might know them as Bergner’s or Bon Ton in your area.

Anyway, I had B-boy with me, which doesn’t lend itself to the best shopping experience.  My plan was a quick swoop, attack and leave…most likely empty handed.

Passing through the jewelry section, I spotted a Yellow Dot sign on a large rack of pretty and shiny things.  I had to check it out.   Here’s what I found:

These versatile hoops marked down from $18 to $9.99 and with the Yellow Dot discount (an extra 50% off) they should be about $5.IMG_8445

Then I tried on this fun necklace marked down from $28 to $15.99.  Add in the Yellow Dot bonus and they should run me about $8.


For $14 total, I figured that was quite a bargain for two new pieces.   They both were very neutral and could go with lots of different outfits.

But Wait!  There’s a surprise!

When the cashier rang up both items, she gave me a funny look when I told her I’d pay with my credit card. 

Here’s my total:bill

I let out a big “HUH?” and she showed me her screen to verify that I wasn’t dreaming.  She explained that the two Yellow Dot items I purchased had been on clearance SO long that they were actually marked down .99/each!!!

I did the happy dance, paid in cash (BIG spender!), grabbed my little one, put back the costume jewelry he was modeling and ran out of the store before they changed their minds on the price.

How about you?  Any frugal finds out there that you can actually wear instead of hang on a wall? 

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  1. I haven't had any sales like that in living memory.

  2. You should have your own reality show or something. I love those earrings. I don't do jewelry too much, but I'm a sucker for simple hoops and for 99 cents!! You rock!

  3. What an awesome deal! I adore that necklace. Be blessed. Cindy

  4. The shopping fairy was on your side! You are going to get some great wear out of those pieces!! Better get a sitter for Sat. night~those pieces want to go out!

  5. I love that when that happens. I usually ask the sales gal about 5 times if she is sure and she thinks I'm a crazy lady because I always want to pay more. I feel she is making a mistake, and I too run out of the store before they change their minds.

    I did go to Maurices recently and find a shirt that was marked $19.99 clearance to find out if was only $5.99 when I got up there. I did a happy dance. And because the gal behind the counter was 19 she thought I was old and had a look of terror on her face. Can't wait until she is old like me 38 and does the happy dance herself someday!

  6. Congrats on your great purchases! When I saw the photo of the necklace, I immediately thought "wow, that'll go with a lot of different outfits." Lucky you! I did get a nice pair of silver ballet flats for $7 recently :)

  7. Oh, savvy shopper! Congrats! I always feel like I won an Olympic medal or something when I find a super good deal. That necklace is beautiful!

  8. LOL!! @ the Cashier and the "huh?". Great finds!! I found 4 new tshirts at $2.00/each yesterday! That made my day!! Love the earrings!! I'm a sucker for a nice pair of hoops!!


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