Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kid Incident {3} – What’s That White Stuff?

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In my ongoing quest to post embarrassing parenting moments and to shame my children in their teens, I will share yet another kid incident.

As I mentioned before, B-boy can come up with some pretty unique ways to avoid nap.  The last time was partly my fault. 

This time…it was just toddler warfare.

I came at him with naptime.  He retaliated with butt cream.


Here’s how it all went down…

One fine day, I put Braden down for nap and snapped the gate.  I hear him stirring, but I know he can’t escape.  Most of the time he’ll head back to his bed or just fall asleep on the floor.

I hear him stirring after 30 minutes and I run up to try to get him down again….and what do I see??


One sniff and I realize its Desitin. Super Duper Won’t Come Off for Nothin’ Overnight Desitin.

It was everywhere!  On the walls, the carpet, the furniture.  Even the fabric of the glider. 

At first glance I was REALLY angry, but still I thought this was going to be a manageable clean up.

desitin editIt didn’t occur to me that this stuff is oil based.  It’s main purpose it to keep liquid type things from irritating the bum of babes. 

You see that red circled area contains the root of all that’s evil in butt cream.  Cod liver oil, lanolin, methylparaben, etc.

One wipe on the glider with a wet rag and I knew I was in for a fun day.

After googling “Desitin cream removal”, I wanted to just go ahead and burn the room down and start over.  The mommy stories I read were pretty grim.

All and all, I got most of it removed, but it took me several methods and about 4 days.  No joke.  Basically a combination of Dawn (grease cutter), baking soda and gentle scrubbing did the job.

Lesson learned:  Don’t leave the butt cream in reach of those that may use it to finger paint on carpet in the midst of a toddler vs. mommy battle. 

Aren’t their some sort of rules of engagement for these types of disagreements? 

I’ve posted this picture before, but it shows our little rascal in his most angelic state.  Sleeping in the glider that was once covered in butt cream.


Although retaliating against our bedtime wishes and sleeping in the glider instead of his bed, he’s still so darn cute!

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  1. Oh my word. He is so cute and perfect. He looks PERFECTLY innocent :) It is hard to believe he could have caused such havoc : )

  2. Hah! So cute! They always look like angels when they're sleeping. That's their Trojan Horse. It's how they get into your hearts, make you trust them as sweet gifts from the heavens. But then Bam! Two seconds of quiet while they're conscious and they got you!

    Good job, Mom. Looks like you fully reversed the mess.

    You know what's great? See the top of the Drug Facts where it says keep out of reach of children? Call Poison Control Immediately? I once received a hysterical phone call from my husband over that little warning. That time, though, it was because my husband was napping while he was "babysitting."

  3. I know this story was not funny when you were in the midst of damage control, but it's hilarious now! Now you will have ammunition to tease him when you will need it the most - when he's a teen :)

    My 2 year old granddaughter is in the midst of the nap wars. My poor daughter - it's exhausting having a 2 year old that won't nap plus a baby.

  4. I think its written somewhere that child swinging butt cream verses parent, the child always wins! That is some seriously awful stuff. I have so been the one to suffer the consequences of that battle. I love how you did get angry but then you realized what a great photo opp and blog post this would be, lol!

  5. That reminds me of a friend walked into her toddler's room. Instead of naptime, it was snow time. The entire room was covered in white baby powder. Lock that stuff up :)

  6. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine having to clean all that up! But good for you in being persistent. And good for him that he's so darned cute ;)

  7. I fell in love with your blog during the UBP! I have an award for you! Here is the link:

  8. Sab, what a "bum"mer! I feel bad that it took you 4 days. Back when my older 2 were very young & it was naptime they got into a forgotten container of baby powder~horrible!!! It was everywhere & they both developed bronchiolitis (confirmed by xrays). It took forever to clean. By far the worst thing was worrying about the health of my little one's lungs. So ladies, luck up the baby powder & the desitin!!

  9. We always used A&D Ointment with my kids and I will never forget the day I found my son "painting" the top (carpeted) step with it about an inch thick. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a short time.

  10. I told my husband about this story to remind him of his little conundrum. He reminded me what I said to him in response to his panic over our daughter ingesting the butt cream, "Oh, honey, I eat that stuff all the time."


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