Monday, April 19, 2010

Quickie Wall Art – Playroom

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It seems like letter and word art is here to stay and I had to get in on the action. Hobby Lobby had chipboard letters on sale a while back and I decided to make something for the boys’ lair (a.k.a. our basement).


After picking out a few coordinating papers, I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to each letter. Then, I trimmed off the excess paper and painted the edges of the chipboard with craft paint (oops, should have started with that step!).


The papers were just a little too bright white for me so I dry brushed each letter with a little watered down tan craft paint.


The previous owners of our home left loads of excess trim and 2x4’s behind. to mount my letters, I put a small remnant to good use on this project. The board was honey oak laminate so I painted it up a little.


Then, I simply attached each letter with Liquid Nails and added a little braided twine to the top for a hanger.


And now the lair seems slightly less scary.

VERY slightly.

DSCF3786 (2)

I asked them very nicely to please let their new artwork hang up, undisturbed, at least until the weekend. We’ll see if it lasts that long.

Love them. Little stinkers.






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  1. You have the best projects!! That's so cute. I love the paint color on the walls also.

    Woo Hoo! Wednesday starts tomorrow(Tuesday) evening so don't forget to link up your project. :)

    Hugs, Marla

  2. Love it! The colors are great!

  3. This is so cute. You chose such great patterns for it!

  4. Love this idea! Just found your blog. Very cute!

  5. Your children are so blessed to have you with them! I love your project too..very cute! And I'm sure they will be good and not touch it mommie! :D

  6. This is an adorable project! Hope it last a long time (did you hang it out of the little stinker's reach?) Kathy

  7. Woo Hoo! I'm so glad you linked to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joined the party. Hugs, Marla

  8. So cute! I do hope that it doesnt meet the end of a sword or a kicking ninja or any one of the millions of things little boys do in their imaginary worlds!

  9. This is a great project! So simple, but lots of impact! And it's great to see something that's hung vertically. . . don't we all have spaces where we could hang something, but there's not much horizontal space? Brilliant!

  10. Cute project! Nice way to make things harder on yourself by painting last. Sounds like a predicament I've found myself in on more than one occasion. Did you start with a plan or did you wing it?

  11. Thanks, thanks and THANKS to all of you for your sweet comments!

    Merrie - you hit the nail on the head with what my boys are into. The basement/boys' lair is (sadly!) like an arsenal.

    Melissa - I totally winged it. I wanted to do something with letters for the basement and found these on sale, not knowing what would come of them. Then a added the paper to each of them and decided hanging them to the wall would be a pain. I didn't have anything to lean them up against down there either so I found this scrap out in the garage and there you have it. Funny, I wanted to throw those scraps out for 3 years!

  12. Love these! The combination of colors/patterns are delightful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  13. Hi! Love your letter project. I hope my Hobby Lobby will have them...and hopefully they'll be on sale. Great blog. Lots of fun ideas.

  14. Aw, I remember getting my kids a smash cake! For my first one it was his first taste of cake, but as I went on I got lazier and it was my last one's 100th taste of cake!

  15. So Fun and Colorful! Love this project!


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