Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Capture – Spring

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Well, it seemed like spring had finally come here, but over the last week we had to pull out the long sleeves and fleece jackets again.  Boo. 

IMG_8683 (2)

It seems like weather is perking up though, along with my lilac.


I look forward to its wonderful (and sadly brief) blooming each year.


It grows right next to the front door and on windy spring days the smell just fills the house.

Our flowering crab apple tree has also given us quite a show this spring. 


It was the first tree we ever planted in our new home a few years ago. 


Our “love tree”, maybe?  Like the “love fern” in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days?  Maybe not. 

I played around with a little tinting in the next one.  Sometimes I like that washed out effect.  IMG_8309-1

How about some Spring kiddo art?


He was so impressed with the new technique they learned.


He said with smarty pants amazement, “Now, how do you think we got all of those colors??  Well, it wasn’t by paint! Nope, it was just PAPER only!”


“And I got an art award for my efforts!” 

Happy spring!


Each Thursday, Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry hosts a party for a specific photo assignment and gives the assignment for the next week. Great idea, huh? Like homework for your hobby.

But the fun kind of homework.


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  1. Oh I love your lilacs. Spring is trying its hardest to hang around here but its chilly and rainy and more rain to come this weekend! I have to put off my painting for warmer days. Love the spring art! Congrats on your art award!

  2. I simply adore lilacs. My grandparents have lilac bushes that surround there backyard. I love being in their backyard when they bloom.

    Great captures! Oh and the kiddo art is infectiously beautiful.

  3. That crab apple tree is gorgeous! It makes me want to run out and plant one! And the butterfly is both beautiful and adorable. Tell him that he did a wonderful job!

  4. I've never seen a crab apple tree before - wow, the blooms are stunning.

  5. I love you photos and all the different perspectives they offer.


  6. These are amazing! I love all of them, but especially 4, 5 and 6. Just lovely!

  7. I love the crab apple tree. The lilac is gorgeous too. Great photos! (Oh, and I really like the tinting in the photo - a pretty effect!)

  8. Love the flowering trees! I went out to shoot some the other day for another post and man was it windy. The art project is priceless- I used paper this week, too, instead of paint ;)

  9. Beautiful shots! Love the crab apple tree especially. And kids' artwork...fantastic! :-)

  10. Might be the prettiest butterfly ever. =^)

  11. I like the one with your washed out effect!

  12. Love your photos. Makes me want to go take my camera out now.

  13. Very sweet artwork! And I love your floral photos!

  14. very nice! be sure to check out my blog for tips on keeping cut lilacs fresh!!

  15. Mmm. Lilacs are my favorite flower. I just got another one to plant last night! I wish they lasted longer, but they're always worth the wait. The photos you took make me wish for smell-a-vision on my computer.

  16. Love your lilacs! I love spring flowers, but their colors are so fleeting.

  17. Beautiful, stunning photos of your yard.


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