Sunday, May 16, 2010

Earthboxing 2010

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Last year, we were Earthboxing fools…yes, I made a commercial product into a verb. I’m just that happy with this gardening wonder.

For those of you that are going “Huh, what’s an Earthbox?” right now, please check out my Earthboxing posts from last year here, here and here. Basically, an Earthbox is a self-irrigating planter (SIPs) that allows me to grow a little veggie garden on my deck.

IMG_9489Why container garden?!? Well, for us, it’s a few reasons. One, we have an overpopulation of bunnies in our area and they eat everything! Seriously, these little monsters have eaten large holes in our fence to gain easier access from yard to yard. Little furry ravenous monsters!

bad bunny

Second, we have an average size yard, but a very large deck left by the previous owners. My husband is clinging to every little inch of grass that he can, so gardening on the deck makes him happy too.

IMG_9487(setting up the Earthbox)

With all the success of last year’s Earthbox crop, I decided to buy a second one this year. Today, I was finally able to make a trip to the nursery to purchase my tomato plants and then set up the Earthboxes for the season.

This year we’re trying out all new-to-us varieties.


Box 1: Arkansas Traveler & Superfantastic

Box 2: Sugary (grape tomato) & Box Car Willie (heirloom)IMG_9493

We also planted a hot Anaheim pepper, basil and cilantro in a regular pot. The cilantro was started from seed by the kiddos a while back.


Salsa and bruschetta by August! Oh, how I love summer gardening!

How about you guys? Any maters in the ground yet?

Woo hoo! Let the gardening begin!
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  1. Well those sure are nifty....we did the topsy turveys this year, they are awesome! We already have peppers growing....I did basil and cilantro too, wonderful

  2. great work Sab! I am still thinking about what I am going to attempt this year! probably basil & tomatoes, but we will see:)

  3. Great idea. The picture of the bunny with the x made me laugh.

  4. Anything that is self irrigating is awesome! I can never keep anything watered properly.

  5. Great idea!! I need to get our tomatoe plant going.

  6. What an awesome idea! Head over to my blog. You have an award. Be blessed. Cindy

  7. Great idea to plant your veggies where those pesky bunnies can't get to them. I understand. I can't plant summer flowers around my front yard trees because the deer think they are midnight snacks. :)

    Oh, you are going to be one very happy gardener in just a few months. Thanks for linking this post to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and joining the fun.

  8. I haven't seen these...I need to get out more...obviously!

    Such a great idea! We have a lttle bit of a bunny problem too! I am really feeling inspired to get our garden going!

    I am going to check out your other posts about these planters...thanks for sharing!


  9. Best of luck with the plants! I have railroad ties around my beds and stapled chicken wire to the ties to keep the rabbits out. It's a true challenge!

  10. We have a big garden going again this year but pesky grubs and beetles are eating alot of stuff :( I love seeing what others are growing, I hope you'll keep us posted on yours :)

  11. I've never seen earthboxes! Neat idea. How do you know when to water them?

  12. Stacey - Great question! There is a watering tube that runs the depth of the box, poking out the top. Then there is an overflow hole at the bottom. You add water to the tube until a little soil and water come out of the overflow hole. In the beginning, I only have to add water every few days, but by the time the plants are full grown you have to water every single day.

    The great thing about these SIP's vs. regular containers, is that they keep a consistent water level for the plants. No over watering, not drought. I love them! Probably more info than you wanted. :)


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