Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nature In The Raw…well, sort of

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We’ve been SO busy lately doing a million and one projects around the house, shuttling to extracurriculars and just generally enjoy springtime.  An excuse for my lack of posts?  Maybe.  Either way, that’s my story.

So I figured if my blog is lacking in project and food posts this week, it will not lack in the humor department.  A recent trip to the zoo totally delivered.

Why animals not normally found in nature together, probably shouldn’t be roomies in the zoo.

Beautiful giraffes at Brookfield Zoo. 


Aren’t they just gorgeous?!?


See that calm looking goose in the corner of the above photo?  Well, we really didn’t pay much attention to it…at first.

Apparently he’s the man of the house…er, nest, a.k.a. Mr. Goose.  Mr. Goose thought the young giraffe was getting a little too close.


Yep, that quiet second little goose is actually a nesting Mother Goose and her Mr. Goose attacked!



Please excuse the poor photo quality here.  We were just so amazed at this scene that I just snapped away, all willy nilly.

Mr. Goose got one more good thud to the business end of our thirsty giraffe.




Hoping to have some new fun projects up soon.  Until then, ponder these lessons learned from our day at the zoo.

1)  Giraffes are from Africa.  Canadian Geese are from Canada…duh!  So much for world peace…at least at Brookfield Zoo. 

2)  Don’t mess with the geese…you may just get thudded in the behind by the mister. 

3)  Chivalry in the avian world…who knew?  Or maybe, he deserves a “World’s Greatest Dad” button come June 20?  Hallmark, I just found your newest niche.

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  1. Gracious! Wild geese NEVER cease to amaze me! I could tell ya some stories with mess from birds like that around our pond...Some of it is on my blog.

    Love the pics!! I'm feeling really bad for that poor abused giraffe, though...



  2. That's hysterical! Aren't you lucky to have both seen and captured the action! I also had an interesting animal encounter this week that I'll eventually blog once I sort through the million or so pictures that I took.
    Thanks for sharing this... Go Canada!

  3. I love the Giraffe's reflection in the water! So sweet how Daddy Goose was taking care of his family. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  4. Hi Sabby, popped over to say hello from Woo Hoo Wednesday. Love those pics of the giraffe, he's my favorite animal of all time, I love seeing them when we go to the zoo, they are just fascinating with their long necks, but so cute looking too with their long lashes ;-) Have a great day... come by and say hi.

  5. A goose tried to eat my daughter's foot once when she was less than a year old. Ever since, geese and I haven't had the best relationship.

    On another note, aren't giraffes so majestic? Have you ever seen a herd of them run? They look so beautiful and gracious.

  6. Your giraffe photos are amazing!! You were close!
    The pix w/ the geese are hysterical. I'm scared of those Canadian geese! I love to see them waddling by w/ the cute gosslings but I wouldn't go near them.


  7. Those goose was mean! Love the pics though. Be blessed. Cindy

  8. Great pictures!! I love it when you get to see them in action.


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