Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kid Incident – When Poison Control Should Have Been On Speed Dial

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I told you that I’d finally have an incident to pin on my oldest, Lanham.  Although he’s never been quite as mischievous as his younger brother, he has had his memorable moments.

(Lanham and his “bubble beard"”)IMG_0432

Most notable…Eating ANYTHING and  EVERYTHING that looked remotely edible during his early toddler years.  I’m proud of my best eater…he asks for broccoli every night and thinks that cottage cheese is fab.  He likes to drink water because he says “it’s healthy, right mommy?” 

Little did I know, that he would try to eat truly EVERYTHING!

One day when he was about 3, I picked him up from daycare and the teacher said that Lanham had tried to eat some Play-Doh.  Don’t worry she said, we got it out of his mouth before he swallowed any of it. 


Really?  Are you sure about that?  The next day, Lanham is in the bathroom and asks for my “assistance”…a.k.a. wiping duty. 

A quick peek in the bowl (you all know you look too!) and I let out an “Ack!”.  Not a Wow!…an ACK! 

His latest “creation” was neon green.  I was like, “what the??”.  Guess they weren’t too swift about getting the Play-Doh out of his mouth after all.  Luckily the stuff is non-toxic.  Whew!

Then there was the time that he came upstairs from playing in the basement, crying, mumbling something about yucky candy.  Huh?  What candy???  We don’t keep candy in the basement!!


Then I was greeted by my youngster and his sobbing pasty white covered face. 

Toothpaste?  Nope.  Not minty fresh

Rabies?  Nope.  Not foamy enough.

Me: “Lanham, what’s all over your face?”

Lanham:  “I tWied the candy…<sob>…I don’t wike it…Is Yucky!”

Oh, yes, of course.


Apparently he thought they were candy sticks and decided to try them out.  Then he was severely disappointed with its not-so-sugary taste.  I ran downstairs to find two half eaten pieces of white chalk…and a box that was again labeled “non-toxic”.  Whew!

There were several other future foodie adventures with Lanham, but he finally learned his lesson…or maybe not.  The other night he tried (and failed!) to eat raw steak because: he knew it was steak.  He likes steak. Steak is fantastic!  Why not eat the steak while its sitting on the counter while the grill was heating up?  Ewwwww! 

Oh well, we try. 

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  1. Sounds like he keeps you on your toes. What a curious little bugger ya got there. lol

  2. On my third call to Poison Control I asked if they kept track of how many times I called. They assured me they did not. You will be glad to know both my kids have survived to adulthood even with their proclivity to place inedible things in their mouths.

  3. Oh, dear. Thank goodness it was all non-toxic! A friend's little girl once got into a bottle of hand sanitizer. She called and poison control told her to watch for drunken behavior!

  4. My daughter ate deodorant that smelled fruity. We did call poison control. And then they send you this big packet in the mail telling you everything that your should be doing to keep your kids from poisoning themselves.
    Felt like Mom of the Year


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