Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Birthday…

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I love birthdays.  I think they should be WAY over celebrated and milked as much as possible.  They are ones own personal holiday.  Plus that whole 7-7-77 thing…I feel like God gave me this special birth date and I should woop it up royally. 

Here’s how mine went down this year.

First and funniest:


My oldest was really excited to share his gift to me.  I opened this homemade card.IMG_1668

Simple.  To the point.  Made by his little hands and I love it.

Then I open it to find this.IMG_1669

Wow!  A gift card…inserted by daddy I assume.

Then I look at my husband’s face and he’s like “Huh?  Where did that come from?”

Lanham went on to explain that he got me a gift card all by himself…

Translation/Explanation:  When I was returning a bra at the department store one day, Lanham and Braden were running around the unmentionables section and at some point during my 30 minute and VERY frustrating return, he swiped an empty gift card.  Ha!

I told him Thank You of course, because he thought he had REALLY pulled off the ultimate birthday gift for me.  Then we quickly explained that in the future he needs to ask an adult to help him with his “purchases”, that this was sort of stealing, blah blah blah.  All the while trying not to crush him. 

It was an empty card after all.  They need to put those darn things up a little higher, don’t ya’ think? Geesh!

Oh and by the way…the hubby did get me a real gift and not just an empty gift card!  A DQ blizzard cake added 5 lbs in all the wrong places and an hour massage is in my future…woo hoo!

Next up, my uber crafty mother-in-law surprised me with one of her latest creations.

IMG_1694 Isn’t she awesome??  It’s a handmade fabric bowl and I love it!!!


IMG_1695They’re made by wrapping fabric around clothesline and sewing it all together…trying to get her to write a guest post on this someday. (Hope you’re reading this Gramma Barb!)

Of course it wouldn’t be a birthday without margaritas with the ladies.


Love you guys.  My “Blond-terage” work out buddies and my just-over-the-fence-neighbor, Katie.  You know the one that’s mom to these gorgeous gals (here and here).  A night of high calorie adult beverages and loads of dishing.

And to end a great birthday week, my parents came to up to the “big city” to visit. 

What do small farm town people bestow on their daughter for her 33rd birhtday???


Yes…20+ pounds of the best ribeye steaks from a favorite place back home. 

Only the cool kids get steak for their birthday, right?  My parents rock!

We also took a long walk in the city.


Visited the “Bean” and gorged on some ‘za.


I wish my parents lived in my back yard…no offense neighbor Katie.  Hey wait!  Can they move in with you guys?

Anywho, great birthday week.  Full of surprises. 

Thanks for letting me keep my birthday candles lit for one more day. 

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! What an awesome birthdate you have. My step daughter is 2 days older, if she had only held out 2 more days. Those 7's sure are lucky for you!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Sabby! It sounds like your cup overflowed with bday surprise. Great shot of you with your ladies! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, chica!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I so much enjoyed reading your post!


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