Sunday, August 1, 2010

Down Home – Summer Beauty

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The beauty of my rural upbringing is more than what I can capture in pictures.  It’s the people, the food, that small town culture…

The wide open spaces…IMG_1862-3

But on my last visit home, I tried really hard to get my camera to take you there…

Through the endless fields of green…IMG_1867-2

A gorgeous site I often took for granted…IMG_1868-2

Unbelievable blue skies that go on forever, without obstruction…minus the tassels atop the cornIMG_1882-2

The occasional abandoned barn, breaking up the landscape…IMG_1891-5

And sunsets that can rival any of those I saw in south Florida…IMG_1913-2

It’s the simple things, like a single spray of prairie grass…   IMG_1812-3

That catches your eye amongst a million others just like it…IMG_1814-2

Simplicity.  Down there, I’m surrounded by many simple things.  Things I’ve taken for granted.  Things I miss each day.

This place is my forever home and I hope that I was able to take you there, even for a minute or two.

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  1. Your fourth shot is great, but I adore the second one. That strong diagonal and your contrasty editing, just beautiful! And yes, it does feel like home to me too. ;)

  2. These pictures are amazing. I really did feel as though I was there! Beautiful!

  3. I loved your words and those photos are amazing. Thanks for the tour :).


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