Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Presto Change-O with Frames - Buh-bye Winnie!

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I bought these adorable little frames at Home Goods when my son was born. They were less than $10/each and added a little cheer to his nursery.


Fast forward a few years and add a toddler room makeover and I was left with two unusable pieces of wall art…or so I thought. I couldn’t even get any takers for them at my yard sale.

So they were in my pile of assorted things to take to Goodwill when I had a thought…spray paint? How could that have taken so long to enter my mind?

Must be the fumes. Hardy har.IMG_2418

I took the Winnie frames apart and realized this was SO going to work. I wanted to use the double mats, but paint the inner mat a darker color…baby blue doesn’t really have a place in my house these days.


Unfortunately, the double mats were stuck together with double-side tape so the inner mat was a loss. Oh well, I still had a completely neutral and usable white mat for each frame to work with.


Once completely disassembled, I gave the frames a few coats of black satin spray paint.

Printed out some of my own photos from a summer stroll with my parents around my bday…


Popped them into the “new” black frames and I had some fab Art on the Cheap!

Here' they are in their new home, our downstairs hallway. It’s been bare since we moved here years ago. :(


So what do you think?

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  1. This is such a big transformation! I think they look great with the new photos and paint!

  2. Looks great. If you would of had those professionally framed it would of been expensive just for that odd sized mat. Way to go repurposing the old frame and mat.

  3. First and foremost purple coneflower is one of my fav flowers. Second these turned out so wonderful. Hope you weren't too sad covering up old baby stuff.

  4. they look fantastic! and you took some really great photos!

  5. They look wonderful! I've been collecting odd mismatched frames to paint white & make a photo wall with pics of my kiddos. What you've done here looks great and is just the kick in the pants I needed to get going with mine.

  6. so fantastic. love the darker frame and yep, the artwork is much better too ;)

  7. I love photos of flowers and your frame really sets it off.

  8. They look great. Don't you love re-creating from you have.



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