Monday, August 30, 2010

Reworking a TV Stand

Pin It We bought this run of the mill, laminated number right after we moved into our house.  We didn’t have anything to put the TV on in the master bedroom. 
The horror.
So we moved in and I was in a hurry.  Sue me.
And this was WAY before my DIYing/GW fixin’ days.  Not a completely awful purchase, right?
Okay, so maybe a little awful. 
I’ve been looking high and low for just the right piece to replace it, but no luck.  I decided to work with what we had and spruce up the beast.  I figured if I screwed it up, it couldn’t look any worse.
I started off by removing the spring loaded glass doors.
* Queue the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch!  Yes, I’m a black paint addict these days. *
After a light sanding, I gave the entire piece one coat of spray primer and two coats of black paint.  (Basically used the same tips and tricks from previous projects.) 
Oh and I also decided to dress the ol’ gal up a bit with these…
If you’re wondering, what the heck is going on in the above picture, here’s a tip:  I made holes in the bottom of this box, stuck the new soon-to-be-legs of my TV stand in the holes and painted away.  Worked out really well!
To attach the legs, I used these leg plates that I found (conveniently!) next to the wooden legs at HD. 
Marked the screw holes, pre-drilled the holes…
…and attached the legs.
Only one minor boo boo in this process…
I got a little wild with the pre-drilling and went all the way through! Oops!  Easily fixed and repainted.
And finally, she was a brand new-to-us TV stand!
tv stand2
I really loved the way it turned out.  For very little money and effort we have a new piece of furniture using something I was wanting to put out at the curb! 
Dumpster diving within your own house…that’s how we roll.
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  1. Hi Sabby! I have that same t.v. stand in my basement storage in black! I've had that thing for at least 15+ years! Same groovy glass doors and all. I love the feet you added and removing those doors makes such a difference!

  2. Wow I can't believe this is the same piece of furniture! Great tip about the legs :)

  3. You really have a knack at giving these types of things NEW life. Great job! Almost makes me want to paint every piece of furniture in my house black!

  4. Love it! We are also all about the at home dumpster dive!

  5. Looks SO much better! I love the legs! It made a whole different look! Great job.

  6. What an amazing before and after!!! I'm putting it in the PoPP spotlight.

  7. Love how you added the little bun feet, that really took it to another level. I'm a black paint addict as well :)

  8. SUCH a great before and after!!! I would have walked right past that piece totally missing it's potential! Love the feet you added too!

  9. You had some vision there! It looks great!

  10. That's an excellent project. I have a hutch that needs exactly those type of feet and it's terrific to know how to add them!

    We have the sweetest Roxy bedding giveaway, $100 value and please join in our Giveaway Friday! link up party. Jane F.

  11. Wow--great job! I'm getting ready to re-do a TV stand soon myself. Love the added feet.

  12. That turned out great. What a nice redo.

  13. Where did you find these feet?


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