Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back To School – Where did the time go????

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Lanham headed off to 2nd grade last week…<sigh>.


I feel like these last few years have just flown by.


Back then, he cried the first day and we didn’t want to leave him.


Now, he runs off with his friends without a thought of how this makes me feel.

Boo.  Hoo.


When did he grow up.


And learn to do a PERFECT Olan Mills style pose??  Hee hee.

Then there was another big tug at my heart this week.


Braden headed off to preschool.


B-Boy has faced disappointment this time of year over and over.

But this year…well, he’s the big boy on campus. 


And proud of it!


He can now scream at his bigger brother with pride, “I GO TO HIGH SCHOOL, Lanham!”

To which, his big brother replies, “No you’re not…you just in preschool.”

Awwwwww…brotherly love.  Isn’t is sweet.

Hope you all have survived this past few weeks of back to school madness!

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  1. “No you’re not…you just in preschool.” OH MY GOSH!!! Hilarious. Nothing like a little comic relief!

  2. Cute! Time does go by so quickly. It is hard to believe.

  3. So how did it go? Domo can't wait to go to preschool! What an adorable post. Da Chenz was so excited to go back today. Domo and I've been snuggling on the couch reading. It is nice. Next year though I'll be in the same boat as you. Both kiddos... in. school. OMG!


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