Monday, October 11, 2010

Candlestick Research

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Yes, I’m a dork and YES, I Google research everything.  Even candlesticks.  Must be the scientist/researcher in me. ;)  Ok…I’ll get to the research bit later…

So, I inherited these two little brass candlesticks from my mom a few years ago and kind of forgot about them. 


While shopping the house for my mantel redo, I took the little birdies away from my living room coffee table and needed something to fill that space.  The snowball effect in decorating.

Anyway, I found mom’s candlesticks and put my Heirloom White spray paint to good use again.


But then it seemed a little sparse to me with only two.


Quick trip to Goodwill and I found two more brass beauties for a few bucks.  Add a little spray paint and Ta Da!


It’s probably not fair to judge the entire tablescape with the added pumpkins in the above picture.  AND…please don’t knock my lopsided candlesticks.  I’m in a candle panic.

Regarding 4 candles vs. 2…Still not loving it.  I think its the rule of doing things in odd numbers?  Always use 3’s or 5’s when decorating?  I a lab bench kind of gal so I had to consult the experts.

I Googled “Candlestick Grouping” and wouldn’t you know it…

candle martha

Martha to the rescue.  However, I’m  still confused.  It seems that 4 is ok in the above picture.  UGH!  Help! 

Will the true decorator divas please stand up?  Help!  I’m a bio nerd and I’ve got candle issues. 

Show and Tell Green

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  1. I'm no candlestick expert ... just thinking that perhaps if your candles were different heights - that might add some visual "dimension" {?} because they are not all standing in a line like the uniform ones in the screenshot. I think they look really great in white!

  2. OK, I don't know if I call myself a decorating diva but I think I've got a bit of an eye... and I feel you on the odd numbers thing BUT I think the way you have placed them is sort of deceptive.. in a good way... it doesn't scream "FOUR!" in fact, after I read your text I scrolled back up cause I thought, "Was there really only four?"

    And, I am NOT a bio nerd and I google research EVERYTHING that pops in my brain.

  3. Ha! Well you know I'm no help with candles! :)

    But I can't believe you found two more that match so wonderfully. I love my thrift store too!

  4. You gotta love the thrift store!
    They look great in white!

  5. i LOVE it. and the four look great! the height variations make it look wonderful.


  6. I think they look awesome in white! And as far as the correct number, I didn't think anything of it until you mentioned it. You might be overanalyzing it. However, when it's me, I usually do tend to go in odd numbers. Either way, great job!

  7. Your candlesticks look great. Love them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love this! You are brilliant. I have a ton of brass stuff that is just ick to me now. I'm off to get some spray paint. Will it just stick, do you have to rough up the finish first? Don't laugh, I am clueless LOL Oh and I am definitely ODD, as in groups of odd numbered things.


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