Saturday, October 9, 2010

Why I LOVE Blogging…

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Well, there are many reasons.  However a recent “dialog” (or would that be dia-blog) between two really great bloggers, completely sums up the comradery  and support between bloggers.

Here’s the deal:

Beth, from The Stories of A to Z, was having a bit of a bad day and announced it on Twitter.  A tweet here and a tweet there and she received this hysterical video from Layla and Kevin of The Lettered Cottage.

(Disclaimer:  The following videos may induce the spewing of liquids from anyone that watches them or other embarrassing functions…jus’ sayin’.)

Beth and her awesome brood paid them back with this tribute post.

I laughed.  I laughed a lot.  Throw in a snort or two and luckily I have a leather office chair.


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  1. Oh, my gosh it's only 6 am and what a way to start my day!! That is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.


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