Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Card Making Time – Have you tried Shutterfly?

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Wow…where did the time go?  Halloween came and went and now the countdown to the holidays begins.  One of the first things on my “To Do” list for the Christmas season is cards.image     image

I finally made time to take our own family portrait this year and now I’m excited to put those photos to work at Shutterfly for our holiday photo cards.  


Have you guys tried Shutterfly?  I’ve used them in the past for prints, photo books and photo cards and have been very pleased with the products they offer.   Their designs are always fresh and modern and the quality is great.


There are so many fun Christmas card designs to choose from this year.  Many of them use just one photo and just as many use 3 or more photos.  The multi-photo cards come in handy when you can’t get all the kids to sit still for a group shot…I know from experience.


They also give the best bang for your buck, especially during the holiday season.  That dollar can’t stretch enough!!  The above cards are selling right now for 30 cents each!

Oh and I also ran across these adorable Christmas gift tags on their site. 


Some of the designs could be used any time of the year to adorn presents too.  Each gift card comes with a small envelope.


Great idea and so cute!

Now the hard part…picking out which design I like the most! 

I received 50 free holiday cards for writing this post about the new holiday cards at Shutterfly.  Are you a blogger?  Would you like to get your own free cards? Visit Shutterfly’s blog for more information.

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  1. Hi Sabby, I used Shutterfly to create my engagement album a few years ago. I love how my book turned out. I have not used the card service yet but would love to give them a try. Thanks for sharing this! I've sent them an email. :)


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