Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kiddo Chatter : The Stork Edition

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So, I’ve decided to write a little about the funny things my boys say both for your reading enjoyment and so that I can remember them in the future.  In the words of Bill Cosby, “Kids say the darndest things!”


My kids are at an age where babies and the prospect of new siblings kind of fascinates them.  This story begins on a drive to dinner one night.  My husband and I were discussing how both of my two bestest friends are finally pregnant with their first babies.


What we didn’t realize was that the boys were listening pretty closely in the backseat.

Lanham:  “So, is Aunt Sarah WAY younger than you mommy since she’s having a baby

Me:  “No, honey.  We’re the same age, we just started our families at different times, that’s all.”

Lanham:  “Oh.  So you could have more babies?  I thought you said that if you had more babies you’d go crazy.  Cuz we drive you crazy already…right B?  We drive her nutts!!!”  (I swear they were have a rally in the backseat about this fact.)

Me:  “I think you might have heard me say that two busy boys was just enough for us.”

Lanham:  “Is that because we make you crazy?  If we stop making you crazy would have another baby?”

Me: “Um….errrrr…….Derek?  Help!”

Lanham:  “Braden!  If we clean up the basement then mommy will give us a sister!!!”

Braden:  “Yeah!!!!  A sister!  She can sleep in my bed!  Woo hoo!  A baby sister!”

Derek and Me:  “Wait a minute, wait a minute!  It’s a little more complicated than that boys.”

Me:  “And besides, Braden, if we have another baby, then you’re not the “baby” anymore.”

Braden:  “Huh?  Oh.” <silence>

Then after a minute or two…

Lanham:  “Mommy, so where do these babies come from anyway?”

Oh dear.  I’m not ready for that talk yet.


And a recent exchange after dinner tonight:

Me:  “Dixie’s gaining too much weight.  Look at how round her belly is getting!  You guys better stop feeding her so much.”

Lanham:  “WOO HOO!  Dixie’s going to have a BABY!!!”


Looks like we need to explain a few things around here.  Did I mention I have a Master’s degree in Reproductive Physiology? Yet the idea of explaining this to my sons totally baffles me.  

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  1. Hahah, oh let the fun begin. It amazes me how much kids really do retain.

  2. hysterical!
    Reproductive Whaaaa????
    So, maybe just use lots of big fancy words to describe the process. They will probably just keep staring blankly :D

  3. Funny! I have a Master's degree in Marriage and Family therapy. I'm not ready either. :)

  4. How cute! Are you contemplating it Sabby? Maybe the boys know that you need just one more child! Love the last 2 lines~crack me up!

  5. Hello Sabrina...found you via Roeshel and her DIY blog CSN Holiday giveaway post this week ;) are so lucky to have this blog and to have a place to document those precious stories...because, believe me you will forget them. Mine are all grown up and have flown the coup so I can totally relate to the forgeting part. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Fondly, Roberta


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