Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our 2010 Christmas Home…only slightly belated

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I feel like this has been the craziest fall and holiday season to date.  So much so, that I’ve just now gotten all of the Christmas décor out how I like it.  BAH!  Crazy town around here people.  CRAZY town!
So, here’s our tree this year.

The first year with the ribbon.  I’m liking it.  Adds a lot more color to the tree during the day time and at night the lights glow beneath it.
Pretty pretty.

We’re all about the eclectic tree (see here).  A few new fun ornaments this year:
From Grandma “Bob” & Papa Terry that live WAY out in Arizona.  Where there’s NO snow.  Or sleet.  But lots of these…
So sparkly and shiny.
Auntie Deb (Dibbie) and Uncle Charley, who also live in AZ, sent us these little guys for my little guys…


They are in heaven about this addition to our tree.

And the cutest part?  These particular Star Wars characters just happened to be this year’s Halloween costumes too!  Thank you Hallmark…and Auntie Deb!

And the cutest one this year…

This is Braden’s Hallmark series.  I did the same thing for Lanham, but it was a different number series then.  B-boy will get his last one next year.  <sniffle>

Remember my 4 vs. 3 candle dilemma?  Well, I kept the 4 and changed the candles to red for the holidays since they’re right next to the tree.

And I added Frosty and a few leftover ornaments to my GW tray as well. 

The mantel changed a bit this year.  My hydrangea was not nearly as prolific this year and I didn’t have any dried flowers to work with like last year.


I picked up some new stockings at Target’s awesome after Christmas clearance last year.  I’m pretty sure they were only a few bucks each.  Target is a bargain hunters dream the day after Christmas, btw.


Since I wasn’t able to do my hydrangea piece again this year, I scattered some of my stringed beads from last years Christmas tree for some extra color.


Oh and I changed out some of the floral bits of my recent mantel redo

And last, but not least, our Christmas home would not be complete without my favorite tattle telling pal, Hermie the Elf.


Elf on the Shelf that is.

If you don’t have one of these and you have small kiddos running around your house, you MUST get one.  It’s fun.  It slightly devious.  It’s really really fun!

Hope you’re all enjoying all of the holiday madness!

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  1. Ha I love Hermie kneeling! Zeke is out and about in our house! Lovely tree!


  2. Beautiful! I need you to come to my house. :)

  3. Beautiful and I love your tree with all the personalized ornaments.

  4. Wait! That's a fake tree? It's beautiful. I love eclectic, I still remember the story behind each and every ornament I have. That's what makes it special.

  5. Hey new follower here! I love your tree and I love the fact that you stuck with multi-color lights. I have a soft spot for the colors. I think it is just beautiful ;)

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Hello!!! Love your decorations!!!! Where did you find the candle holders on your mantel? They are beautiful. I need to find the that Noel stocking holders as well.

  7. I like the idea of running down the ribbon. It's like a present! The stockings are awesome too!

  8. Hi, Sabby! I think the ribbons on your tree are really pretty. I love that you have *fun* ornaments on your tree. Our tree is like that too...lots of "collected" ornaments. ;) Love your mantel with the beads! Visiting from the CSI Project today. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  9. Yes, I have got to get one of those elves! Beautiful tree! jules


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