Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Feast: The Sweets Edition

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I couldn’t resist sharing a few of the wonderful treats we enjoyed at our Christmas dinner.  Having a baker for a mom makes these holidays extra special…and fattening!

Of course, we enjoyed some of the leftovers from my holiday candy making.


My neighbor pal, Katie, also exchanges a few goodies with me each year too.   This year she made my hubby’s fave, pretzel’s with chocolate and M&M’s and those cute little reindeer cookies. 


She also shared a few of these chocolate pretzels…YUM!


My mom made her always fabulous chocolate dream pie.


Complete with chocolate shavings!


My mom knows that Derek is a choco-o-holic so she tried out a new cheesecake this year…


Marbled chocolate cheesecake.  It was fantastic!  And yes, she fretted about the crack.  Perfectionist I tell ya.


And finally, she took the sugar coma right over the edge and brought up these pretty pumpkin rolls.


Pumpkin is a squash.  Squash is a veg.  We’re all good in the hood then, right? 

To say that we were all unbuttoning the tops of our jeans is an understatement. 

More like, “Who’s putting on their jammies first?  I dyin’ here!”

I love the holidays.  Gluttony. 

Good thing we bought Just Dance for the Wii to work off those extra calories.  Smile


I love you lil’ brother…

Now, bring on the New Year!

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  1. Yum, yum and more yum! We do the chocolate covered pretzels too. We also do chocolate covered potato chips, they are the best!

    Love the video, I'd be mortified if I was taped! He was too cute!

    Happy New year!


  2. Mmmmmm! Delish! Chrastmas in April, here I come!


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