Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Using My Flash Again: a holiday shoot

Pin It I’m a little behind on posting photography sessions, but since I posted about my newest addition, the Speedlite, I thought I should show how helpful its been during these dark winter months.
My buddy Carrie asked me to do a quick portrait of her and her siblings as a Christmas gift to their parents.  We thought about braving the snow and doing something outdoors…
Ok, so we thought about that for like 10 seconds and put the idea safely in the trash.  It snowed.  A lot. 
Instead, we opted to use what little light we could get in her sister’s living room from a large window and…my flash.
I’ll admit I was nervous about the outcome, but WOW…this Speedlite is helpful.
IMG_9472-4 final 3
(If she looks familiar its because she’s the pretty mommy in this shoot too!)
Same shot, with a BW edit.
IMG_9472-4 final bw
What do you think?  I have to say I’m pretty impressed that we were able to pull this off with a white sheet, natural light from one window on a cloudy/snowy day and a Speedlite mounted on top, bounced off the ceiling.  Happy dance. 
Thanks to Carrie and her family for winging it with me!  She said her mom nearly cried when she saw the prints on Christmas…success!
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  1. looks great!! I think that may need to be my next camera purchase.

  2. Looks wonderful. Mine broke and I am working with some crappy knock off flash that I am ready to throw out the window!


  3. Great job. I haven't been very brave with my flash.

  4. Wow, I might have to get this for our camera. Wait...I should learn how to use our camera!!! Still haven't ventured out of auto mode!


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