Saturday, February 5, 2011


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My children (husband too?) have a mild (HUGE) obsession with Star Wars. 


It rocks their world and stuff.  Did you know clone troupers and Boba Fat have side jobs in dance theater?


Had to share this cute moment…

We had a “last supper” of sorts with our soon to be first time parent friends last weekend.  Luckily a good friend (and bloggy follower) offered to watch our boys for the evening with her hubby.  Crazy right?  It was her first time…she didn’t have a clue.  Anyway, they watched some of the boys’ favorites…including Star Wars. 

She knew how to work them.

Nicole (aka ‘Cole"") survived the night-o-terror with our kiddos and even sent me this cute video saying that it reminded her of a certain mini-Jedi master that wanders these parts.

We’ve since watched it a bazillion times and Braden thinks he’s famous. 

Braden:  “I’m Darth Vader.  See!?!”  pointing at youtube

Lanham:  “Oh brother….”  rolling his eyes

Braden also just asked Derek, “I want dat costume but I don’t know how to build it?  How do I built it??”


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  1. Cute! sounds just like my boys. LOVE Star Wars and they loved that commercial. :)

  2. It was so fun to meet you on Saturday! Your boys are so cute in their StarWars gear. My are still very much into Batman and Superman and all things super heros but I'm sure that will change soon enough. The obsessions seem to go in stages.
    Hope to see you again sometime soon!

  3. Adorable! And I loved that commercial the other night! The boys rock. Good to meet you last Saturday! Let's keep in touch.


  4. I loved that commercial. It was so creative!

    My husband entered a drawing for a REAL light saber (well, real-ish) and won it. He WANTED to display it over the tv in the family room. Heh. Yeah. It's in our upstairs hallway. It lights up and makes the noises when it swings and hits stuff. It's quite cool, I must admit.


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