Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don't Break The Table Mom!

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A cute little tidbit brought to you once again from that ever thinking 3 year old, Braden. 
Witness this rare moment of silence first…IMG_9961
Calming.  Relaxing.  Quiet.  Kind of like a massage huh? Well…

I have a friend.  Yes, I do have a few.  This one in particular is a very talented massage therapist that works at my chiropractor's office.  She also has a small massage business of her own and has been working really hard to promote it.  Recently, I helped her design some mailers for her clients and she thanked me by offering me a massage. 
In.   My.    House!!!!!  Yeah!  Can you say decadent? 

Anyway, I had her come over the other day while B-boy was still running around.  Not my best plan, but she said that she had clients with kids and dogs and that it was "no problem".  All-righty we go.

I tried to prepare B for this new situation by explaining mommy has a sore back and that a friend would be coming over to fix my back, etc.  With a sad look of concern he questioned my back "boo boo" and so I explained it even further by saying that I would lay on a table while mommy's friend worked on my back.
Braden = blank then confused stare.
Then...."Mommy, you CAN'T get on da table!  You break it!!"
Guess those grueling workouts aren't "working out".  errr.
I told him that she would be bringing her own table, but he was still concerned for the table's well being.  He had to be further reassured after she arrived with said table. I'm not even sure he was properly convinced until I was on the table for an hour and it didn't collapse under my imposing size. 

So was it relaxing?  Yes.  Of course.  She's wonderful.  Although, next time…if there is a next time....I'll probably wait until Braden's in school and lock Dixie the wonder pooch up in her kennel.  At the neighbors.
You see…
…she likes faces.
A lot.

And Dixie found my face to be simply irresistible while face down in the massage table's donut.  Geesh.
Good thing I love these cuties so much…
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  1. LOL! Good thing you didn't break that table, my friend, or he would have told EVERYONE! :D

  2. Very cute story. And girl, I am all for massages!


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