Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kiddo Chatter – Random Chicken Scratches

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Blizzard 2011 is upon us so I’m doing a little draft post housekeeping. 

“Kids say the darndest things.”  Has there been a truer saying…at least one pertaining to parents?


I’ve saved some of these up for a while now and finally need to share them before I lose the crumpled piece of paper they’re scribbled on. 


Oldest to my youngest during Christmas decorating:

“And these are the socks that we hang on the mantle” – Stockings

My oldest, while watching the Biggest Loser Car Giveaway challenge:

“I wish I could win a car.  You know, one of those ones without a top.  Those are sweet rides!”

My youngest during potty training while marveling his latest “creation”:

“Look, Mommy!  I made a ship!”

“Hey, don’t say that word!”

“Look, Mommy!  I made a BOAT!”


Before heading to meet up with Braden’s lifetime “girlfriend” for a library reading date:

Me:  “Braden, why do you smell like mint?”

Braden:  “Cuz I put my Moose-stash on to go see Maddie.”

He thinks putting chap stick around your mouth is giving yourself a mustache.  Apparently this is a requirement for toddler “dates”.

Teaching Parents A Lesson

Boys dancing around the house singing, “Pimp My Ride!  Pimp My Ride!”


Husband and wife look at each other in horror?  HUH?


Lanham:  Well, YOU were the one that left the teenager show on the in the basement.



Even thought Braden’s 3 yr. old vocab is pretty extensive at this point, he still uses some of these quirky ways to describe common objects.


Boo Boo Tattoo – Band-Aid

Koo Koos – cookies

Mulk – Milk given when he wakes up and right before bed, said with as little sleepy boy effort as possible

Gurt with straw – drinkable yogurt with a straw

Mater the Ho Twuck – Mater from the Cars movie

Meow Meow – cat

Meat – Oscar Meyer salami…period  Please note that he does eat other meat, but he calls them by their own proper names, like steak, chicken, etc.

That’s all I got tonight…hope you’re all staying toasty warm…wherever you may be.  We’ll be enjoying our first Snow Day tomorrow!

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  1. My grandson just started saying Koo Koos this week. I never want him to grow up. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!


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