Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kid Chatter: SNAKES…still bother him

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My sweet tender hearted, yet always moving and having his volume stuck on the loudest possible setting eldest son, HATES snakes.  I mentioned it before.  Darn that parent that let him watch Indiana Jones.

Just to prove that this truly still bothers him, I give you Exhibit A from before…the puzzle missing the Nevada/snake infested piece:


Infested piece:


And now Exhibit B:


In Health class, the kids were asked to draw something that they are afraid of.  Lanham picked snakes.  Shocker!


I didn’t make a big deal out of it because I didn’t want to belittle his fears.  Everybody has them.  I’m scared of this freaky guy from those Leprechaun movies. 


He’s lurking under my bed.  I swear. 

The funny (scary?)  part of this happened the next day when I asked his buddy Owen about Health class assignment.  His reply, “I drew a man with guns…it is REALLY scary to me.”  Whoa!  Snakes vs. guns.  Should I be happy that my kid’s fears were of a more innocent nature or should I be nervous that he doesn’t have more real world fears? 

I laughed.  Probably shouldn’t.  However, the range between what the two boys were afraid of was just so crazy I couldn’t help myself.  Thoughts?

Love my carpoolin’ kiddos.  Love my 2nd grader.  Hate that Leprechaun. 

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  1. Poor kiddo and being afraid of snakes. One day hopefully he will conquer his fears. I myself hate mice and I don't see myself conquering that one ever! Yuck!

    Huge difference between the boys fears. Maybe his friend has seen some cop show or a video game. I think there is a fear if there is a lack of knowledge. My son and husband hunt and shoot so they are careful and know gun safety. I myself don't so guns scare me. We have all our guns locked up and out of reach for kids.

    I think kids see more these days then we ever did. I wish they didn't know some of things they do but I would rather they hear it from us and know the truth then from kids at school!



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