Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Has Arrived: Baseball & a Farmer’s Tan

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We headed out to our first “practice game” yesterday around noonish.  Derek said it was only supposed to last about an hour and a half.   Lanham and I took time for a few funny photos before the game.  It was the only way I could get the decent smile shot above.  I indulged.  He delivered.  Love that kid.


So, we drove separately and D actually called me and told me to bring a jacket.  I got there and promptly removed my jacket.  The sun popped out and burned off all the clouds.  The game actually lasted over two hours and I ended up with the most prominent farmer’s tan of my life.


Sun in April in Chicagoland?  Huh? 

It has slightly faded today, but my arm is still hot.  Welcome back warm weather.  We’ve missed you…and I won’t forget the sunscreen next time.

Random brain spark…remember this song? 

They played it over and over the summer I graduated college.  Ok…sorry about that.  Sometime I let the brain speak even in all of the randomness. 

Hope you’re enjoying some warm weather wherever you may be this weekend! We’re supposedly hitting the 80’s today.  I’ll take it.  Watch out neighbors…the white legs may blind you!\image

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