Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Swamp People…love it.

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Maybe it’s the fact that the show reminds me of my grad school days at LSU.  Down on the bayou.  Drinking Abita Amber beer and warding off bugs the size of Midwestern rodents.  Eating critters that my family back in Illinois referred to as bait. (Crawdads vs. Crawfish…who knows.)


Maybe it’s the ultra serious and multiple advisory warnings that follow a little history lesson at the start of each episode.


swamp people 1


swamp people warning 2


swamp people 3

Or how they always segway to commercial with this haunting image…


Or maybe it’s the giggle effect the show’s subtitles has on me.  English subtitles for people SPEAKING ENGLISH.  Or a least a crude version of it.  Bahahahahaha.  Doesn’t take much.

Think I’m joking?  Check this video out at around the 17 minute mark.

Either way and for whatever reason, I just LOVE this show.  Love love LOVE IT!

And all joking aside, these guys have one hard freakin’ job.  I wouldn’t want to swap positions with them.  No way. No how.  Thank you Swamp People for making your area safer and filling the void in my life now that Jersey Shore is over.  Don’t judge people.  Had to share. 

And……I’m out.  Happy Tuesday.

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  1. We love Swamp People too! We sit there laughing and looking at each other saying, "What did he say?" Then my son goes around talking like them for the rest of the evening!


  2. Ok, so it's about 2 am and I'm UP, for no particular reason (GUMP!) and I am channel surfing when I come upon Swamp People and I remembered your confession at lunch about your adoration of it, so I settled down to watch it.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love that you love this show. The missing teeth! The father accidentally shooting his son! The overalls without anything underneath. (Well, I didn't like THAT so much...)

    Basically, I thought about you in the wee hours of the morning. True story.


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