Thursday, April 7, 2011

W.O.W.! An entire group of fun gals?? Amazing.

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I’ve never been a girls girl.  I never flocked to malls in large groups in high school.  I’m not into high heels and hair bows.  Not that any of those things are bad…its just never been me.  I’ve often found hanging out with women in large groups to be a struggle and that those gatherings often end in catty gossip and explosive arguments.  Kind of a deterrent.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I DO have some really great gal pals.  However, each of those friends are separate individual relationships that I’ve made over time.  Not one big ol’ gaggle of gals.  These long term friends have met each other, but only because I put them together. 

I usually shy away from invites to things that are girls only…but for once, I’m glad I replied “YES” to a recent string of activities.


The lady to thank for my change of heart in the gal pal department is my good friend and neighbor, Katie.  She’s the one I’ve often mentioned making adorable treats for us at every holiday.  I also take pictures of her cute little girls now and again. 


She’s attended a ‘hood weekly play group over the last few years and gotten to know several of the local ladies.  She first invited us all to her house, husbands and kids included, before last Thanksgiving for a kiddo ornament exchange.


So CUTE!  We all had a great time and decided maybe we should get this fine group of ladies together for a mom’s only night.  I hesitated.  Then again, the ornament party was a lot of fun and everyone seemed semi-normal.  hee hee.  I mean no claws or anything kind of normal.

Katie again invited us all to a night of fondue and adult beverages…which is uber enticing for a group of moms to toddlers…two of them even have newborns plus toddlers. 

The deal was simple:  Katie provided some drinks and a fountain of chocolate (yes, like at a wedding!) and we brought the dippers…and more beverages…like this one:


Rachel you make me LAUGH!


Yep…that sure started the night off right.  Of course, the flowing chocolate lava was delightful as well!  However, I drank a little too much of the above and maybe a little of this…


…because a gal has to watch her figure, of course!  And unfortunately ended up with a picture of the chocolate lava, looking not so lava-ish…


I assure you that there was indeed pretty flowing chocolate in the above contraption for quite a long while that evening.  I was just slacking in my photography duties.

But then again, I somehow captured my hair stylist like this:


Arrrrrr…she’s a pirate with an iphone.

And I had several pictures of conversation hearts…


For some reason, they were VERY photo worthy to me that night and I have an entire montage devoted to them which I’ll spare you all from viewing.  FYI, this first gathering occurred around  Valentine’s Day.

So, Katie dubbed the group W.O.W. which stands for the “Women of W.”, the last “W” standing for the name of our subdivision.  It stuck.  And now we’ve added a “N'” to the end of it making the the “W.O.W.N.” group because the above hair stylist and friend of ours doesn’t live in our ‘hood, but we all love her…and her name is Nina. 


She was escaping a little early.

The Women of W, plus Nina.  So catchy we should be in advertising. 

Our first group shot.


I’ll jump in for one too…


I tell you I’m blown away about how much I love this group of ladies.  We have since gotten together a few more times and had an absolute blast.  They have completely changed my attitude about female relationships.Each time we get together, I constantly (annoyingly?) comment on how amazing this all is and several of them feel the same way. 

Sally (in the white cardigan above) said it best…we are all strong talented women with very honest and open personalities.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but luckily this group can handle most of what any of us dish out and that is SO refreshing…and fun…and snort-laugh inducing.

I hope to share more fun times and adventures that I experience with the WOWN ladies.  They have not only been a blast to hang with, but also were VERY supportive during my latest family crisis. 

So readers, I’d love to hearif you’ve have several bad and then good experiences with female relationships.  Or am I all alone here and sound like the cattiest of cats around?  Say it ain’t so!


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  1. I've always been that type of girl, too. Not the girly girl. And separate but equal friendships (not a big group) There was one summer where I spent time with a whole bunch of ladies and by fall it all fizzled out with all the kids going off to school.

    But I get that connection, and it feels good. I'm so happy you found it Sabby. :)

  2. Hiya Sab, i love this post. You are honest about the difficulty in making good friends that are like you. I feel similarly to you! I am in a good place with friends and it is nice to know when you can rely on people to help you with family situations! btw, I am making that salmon patty recipe this week! looks delish! hugs, cathy

  3. Sigh... I see. Don't invite me. I live literally BLOCKS Away. I could drink and then WALK HOME and you don't invite me. Whatevs. I see how you roll.

    ooo ooo. eee eee.



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