Monday, May 16, 2011

Local Bloggers Unite & Show Some Support For a New Friend

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FYI:  I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but didn’t post it.  One of the bloggers mentioned was/is dealing with a serious medical issue and I didn’t know how to approach this post.  Please read on and visit her blog. 


So, there is this lovely lady named Rita (from Look It’s Megryansmom) that I bumped into online a while back.  After commenting here and there on each other's blogs, we realized that we were practically neighbors.  Small world.  Always amazes me.


Isn’t she cute??

Rita was kind enough to invite me to lunch with other Chicagoland bloggers.  I was a little leery of the idea at first.  This would be my first time meeting other bloggers in real life.  Aw, what the heck. 

The first lunch was great and went on for about 3 hours at a local Panera.  My husband wondered what a bunch of strangers could possible have to say to each other for that long.  HA! 

Bloggers.  Bloggers like to talk.  Just a wee bit.  Anywho, I forgot my camera on at that first meeting.  Didn’t make that mistake at our next gathering.  Hee hee.

Now, at this second lunch date we met up at a place… that served alcohol.  Add alcohol to already chatty bloggers and you end up with a 4+hour luncheon.  Poor Rita was our DD.  Thank you Rita.


What did we talk about?  Well, the subjects ranged from brassieres not fitting so well, nursing our babes and all that comes with that, as well as piercing of naughty bits.  Poor Lou. 


Lou was our only male attendee and such a good sport.  He rolled with our not-so-testosterone laden topics all afternoon….AND he’s a shutterbug after my heart as well.

Unfortunately this kid…


…may be scarred for life after what he may or may not have overheard that day. 

And something made Amy do this…


I know it had nothing to do with the food…which was btw, FAN-Tab-ulous. (Said with Oprah’s “Australia” type enthusiasm".)


Big beefy burger…come to mama.

Speaking of mama’s…also attending our little lunchy lunch:  Weasel Mama (from World of Weasels). 


What can I say?  She has pretty nails, can hold her beer rather well and even her blog title makes me laugh.  She is a mom to 6 little “weasels” and a TON-o-Fun.  I only wish I could have gone fountain hopping with her and this other funny mama, Tracey

(Tracey offended by the mint in her dessert?)        IMG_1749

Turns out Tracey (from Just Another Mommy Blog) lives in my backyard.  Well, not really in my backyard, but close enough.  Even closer than Rita!  Again small world. 

(The gals dig into a pretty dessert)  IMG_1746

Tracey is also a busy mom AND she home schools.  God bless her.  Seriously though, she brings the funny on her blog and when I read about her day to days, it makes me feel more normal.  Or at least less alone in my craziness. 

And now for a little be of seriousness…

And last, but certainly NOT least, is Brandie (from A Journey of 1000 Stitches…).  Brandie is a sweetheart and does things I can only dream of doing in the world of knitting and sewing. 


Over our lighthearted boob talk, Brandie was noticeably upset and finally told us that she was facing some tough medical issues.  You can read about her story on her blog where she has bee VERY open about her current journey.  The short version is that Brandie went from a diagnostic mammogram, to a biopsy, to being diagnosed with breast cancer in a little over one weeks time.  Unbelievable.

Today is Brandie’s birthday (Monday).  Her surgery is Wednesday.  I’m following in Tracey’s footsteps today and asking my readers to do something simple, but powerful.  Go to Brandie’s blog (A Journey of 1000 Stitches) and give her some love.  Although she may be a stranger to you, the story is sadly familiar to many of us.  Your well wishes and encouragement as she puts another year under her belt today and faces some serious challenges ahead will be well received.  I truly believe, and I told Brandie this, that a positive attitude as we approach such challenges is SO important.  Give her some good vibes people.

Happy Birthday Brandie! We’re all pulling for you! And tomorrow night, YOU get in the middle of the blogger kiss sandwich…


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  1. Thinking of your friend and hoping for good results.

  2. Oh this is such a sweet post Sabby! I plan on meeting Colleen from As is Proper this summer (squee!) and most likely Hyacynth from Undercover mother, too. I've never met another blogger either. I can't wait though.

    This post gives me the strength to step outside my comfort zone. :)

  3. Aren't we so gorgeous?!? What was up with that mint leaf?

    Love you, Brandie!

  4. Oh thank you so very much. I'm so touched. ((hugs))


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