Sunday, May 22, 2011

Talk To The Walls Mommy!

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No this isn’t Braden’s version of the ever popular “Talk to the hand!”.  Nope.  Just another strange Braden ritual that can be again blamed on his daddy for his indulgence of B’s craziness.


Braden, like many a youngster, comes up with all sorts of inventive ways to avoid laying his blond locks on a pillow at night.  Now it’s become a  ritual.  Rituals take time.  The longer they take, the later he’s up and therefore, in his 4 year old brain, HE WINS.

The ever popular “I’m scared!” technique comes into play.  What of?  The walls daddy.  The monkeys on the walls!

IMG_4656     IMG_4679

Yes, what I thought would be a fun playful addition to a toddlers bedroom is now the source of supposed fear…likely story, but he’s sticking to it.  How to calm those fears?  Why TALK to them of course!  Duh.

So, each and every night, my dear husband tucks the youngsters into bed and proceeds to “talk” to Braden’s walls, specifically the ones with mean monkeys.


This ritual grew into more talking…”talk to the dresser daddy.”  Now the closet.  ON and on and on.

Well, I stupidly thought that I could handle putting my own children to bed the other night.  Tucked B in, kissed him on the forehead and turned off the light.  WRONG! 

“Talk to my walls MOMMY!”

First attempt…big fail.  And he didn’t mind telling me how oh-so wrong I was in my delivery of wall monkey telling off. 

He explains the procedure.  I attempt again.  FAIL.  I told him I had enough.  “Good night B!”  I walk away. 

“Awwwww…Coconuts!”  His new latest fun phrase from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Then screams, “DADDY!  She doesn’t know how to do it right!”

I’m a complete failure and shall never talk to another wall OR piece of furniture again.  Fail fail fail.

Couldn’t find a clip of Cubby saying “Aw, Coconuts”, but there’s even a song.

Awwwwww, Coconuts is right!

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  1. Dude, he's got you guys figured out.

    And those monkeys kind of scare me, too. Crazy eyes and throwing bananas... What were you THINKING?!?


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