Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrifty Finds: Kidlet Rooms

Pin It Wow, it sure has been a while since I’ve posted anything home decor related.  WAY overdue.  I’ve found some really great deals on odds and ends for the boys’ rooms that just finish them off perfectly…AND on the cheap. 
We converted Braden’s toddler bed to a full sized big boy bed last fall and so that meant replacing my beloved Eric Carle bedding.  Luckily I found this super funky duvet cover at IKEA that really feeds into that monkey jungle theme. 
Only $29.99 for the set!  Love IKEA for punchy textiles like this.
Going along with our green theme, I found the perfect lamp at Goodwill:
I’m pretty sure I saw this lamp base at Target for $20.  I got it for $5 at GW.  Our local Target gets overstocks and salvage items from Target and sometimes they have some AMAZING deals…like this bookcase:
This is the Carson bookcase currently selling at Target for $89.99.  I’ve liked it for a while now, but couldn’t/wouldn’t spend $90 for a bookcase for a kid’s room.  No Way!
One day, while browsing my local GW, I found it there, marked “Salvage” for $30!  Of course, I snagged it and I was even more delighted when I realized there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it.  Thanks Target!
To top off my amazing bookcase deal, I found these leaf totes from Target marked down to $2.50/each on clearance. 
Again…PERFECT for his room.  Target sells these sturdy totes each season in quite an array of patterns and colors, then clearances them out pretty quickly.  Be on the lookout!
And I couldn’t leave my big boy, Lanham out.  His previous floor lamp had an “accident”.  Translated: One or both of my sons slammed into the poor lamp so hard that the base actually broke into pieces!  Such brutes!
I found this new lamp at GW for $3 and got a shade (yes, on clearance) from Target for $5 to top it off.  Its pretty chipped up, so I was going to paint it all white.  I loved the shape.  Then I (Derek!) realized that the colors are perfect for Lanham’s current baseball themed room and the chips just seem kind of retro cool.  Saved me a paint job.
Well, that’s all for now.  Hoping to dive into some more home related projects with (hopefully!) warmer weather approaching.  Spray paint…I’ve missed you so.

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  1. Love that brown and green theme! I can't wait for you to get your hands on a can of spray paint again, you're always coming up with the neatest projects.


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